Trump ally sounds 2020 election alarm over coronavirus response


Key conservative leaders are increasingly concerned that the Trump administration will not attack the long-term economic impact of the coronavirus, several sources told Axios. A senior adviser said that if the recovery fails, it could cost President Trump the election.

What we mean: “The next 4-8 weeks will really decide whether Trump will be re-elected,” Stephen Moore, former Trump candidate for the Federal Reserve Board, told Axios. If the administration has mismanaged its economic recovery efforts, he said, Trump is “in deep trouble.”

  • Other conservative leaders – including former congressman and Club for Growth president David McIntosh, a Pence ally who served in the same Indiana district just before the vice president – said they worried about not paying enough attention in the long term, after the economic strategy of coronaviruses.

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin was distinguished for some of the most vivid reviews.

  • ” I do not think so [Mnuchin] hasn’t started thinking long term yet, how can we encourage rapid recovery or V-shaped rebound? “McIntosh told Axios.
  • “I understand their planning process to deal with the emergency,” he said. “But now it’s time to start thinking about the exit strategy. “
  • “The red flags go up. We understand that there is this type of survival phase, but there is concern that Mnuchin will surpass it and not look to the future, “a conservative strategist told Axios. The emerging consensus is that the next phase must focus on economic growth, not on achieving greater government through massive spending and increased regulation that stifles economic recovery. “

Why is it important: Trump built his re-election speech on the idea that the United States enjoyed historic prosperity under his leadership – but now the economy is in ruins.

The other side: “The President wants to see this country open up again so that people can get back to work and all the steps he has taken throughout this pandemic have been to make us come out healthy, stronger and with a growing and prosperous economy, “said White House spokesperson Judd Deere. said Axios.

  • “It is under the leadership of the President that the US economy reached incredible heights before being artificially interrupted and he is the leader in bringing us back to it,” said Trump campaign director of communications, Tim Murtaugh.
  • The Treasury Department did not respond to a request for comment.

The big picture: Trump, increasingly frustrated with the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy, is preparing to launch a second coronavirus task force focused on economic recovery.

  • But McIntosh poured cold water on the idea of ​​a completely separate working group, warning that a second group would create “competing centers for decision-making.”
  • Instead, McIntosh recommended that they instead strengthen the existing Pence-led task force with outside trade advisers, rather than government officials, “to give them this perspective of what matters in the global economy.” . “

At the end of the line: “Scientific data will guide any decision to reopen the country because [Trump’s] The number one priority is to protect the safety and well-being of the American people, “said a White House official.


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