Trudeau announces $ 9 billion for students


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To date, Canada has reported nearly 39,000 cases of COVID-19, but there is good news. In the Maritime provinces, no new cases have been reported today, and here in Saskatchewan, our daily recoveries are always higher than the new cases per day. Premier Scott Moe is even expected to speak to the province tomorrow to unveil his plan to slowly reopen Saskatchewan.

The federal government is working to help as many Canadians as possible, but there are still Canadians who are falling through the cracks. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered his daily speech this morning announcing increased support for students.

“Unemployed, it can be difficult to pay school fees or the basics of everyday life. You could normally turn to your parents for help, but right now mom and dad are in too much demand. Even if the monthly bills don’t worry you have counted on summer employment for tuition for the next few years or to get the right experience for your career. As young people, what you experience is important and we want to make sure everything is going well. “

Trudeau explained in more detail how to help students.

“Today I am announcing our plan to support students across the country. We are launching the Canada Student Emergency Allowance to provide immediate assistance while creating new student jobs and doubling scholarships, among others. All of these measures will total about $ 9 billion for students. “

Trudeau added that for students who wish to volunteer this summer instead of working, will receive support of $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 thanks to the new Canada Student Services Grant.


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