Top 4 emblematic dishes in France


Quiche Lorraine

Do you like French cuisine? Here are some unusual regional specialties that we are currently dreaming of…

Quiche Lorraine

Originally from Lorraine (where else?) In the Grand Est region of France, this golden and silky pastry – a magnificent mixture of eggs, cheese and bacon – is a staple of the menus of French restaurants.

Follow the recipe here.

Beef BourguignonBake

Beef bourguignon

Again, the clue is in the name: this rich and warming beef dish was born in none other than Burgundy. Braised in local red wine and beef broth with chopped vegetables, it’s a winter favorite.

Cook your own Bourguignon beef here.

Nicoise salad

There is a (heated) debate about what constitutes a true Nice salad, but most agree that you need tomatoes, eggs, black olives and tuna or anchovies. No cooked vegetables!

A quick dish to cook, read the recipe here.


Paradise in a bowl for seafood lovers, bouillabaisse comes from the thrilling port city of Marseille and is consumed in summer, when the generosity of the ocean is at its peak.

From France Today magazine
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