“Tony was going to eat it” – Kevin Lee makes a bold verdict on Justin Gaethje against Tony Ferguson


Kevin Lee was on the last UFC card that took place before the Coronavirus stopped UFC events. The next glimmer of hope that UFC fans have is to watch Tony Ferguson against Justin Gaethje. Former acting challenger Lee has given his verdict on how he saw the fight going.

Gaethje will replace Khabib Nurmagomedov. As a result, he took up the fight on very short notice. Kevin Lee thinks that if the fight had taken place on April 18, Gaethje would not have had a chance.

“When it was first announced and he (Gaethje) was taking it on short notice, I thought Gaethje was going to end up in hamburger meat,” Lee said while speaking to Luke Thomas for SiriusXM radio. “He will continue to walk in these punches. Tony shoots straight. Gaethje tries to throw straight but becomes buckled when hit. And someone like Tony who moves his head well and throws his hands in the middle, he was going to eat it. “

However, the fight could not take place because Dana White had to postpone UFC 249 after intervention by Disney and ESPN. While fans may not be happy about the decision, Kevin believes the extended training period will be beneficial for Gaethje.

” Now, he [Gaethje] is going to have a lot more time to prepare for combat. I don’t know why Tony is fighting. Does he still have a chance? Yes. But now it’s going to be a much more difficult fight, ” said Lee.

“The kicks in the legs will be the deciding factor. Gaethje has [Trevor] Wittman in his corner. The way Tony moves, he likes to dance on you. Her legs are open. I feel like if they damage his leg enough, then Gaethje will not need disassembly. “

Kevin Lee thinks cutting Tony Ferguson’s weight twice could knock him out

Tony Ferguson is known for doing things that are out of the question. Therefore, “El Cucuy” did something along the same lines by making weight for a fight that is not supposed to happen. Ferguson made 155 pounds on March 17 according to the original schedule. While it has received praise from a number of people, “The Motown Phenom” believes the action can have detrimental effects.

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Luke played devil’s lawyer and asked Lee if age was a factor for Ferguson, 36. ” Yes. Especially when you put yourself to the test. Having to put on weight in the championship for no reason. These weight reductions are no joke. You remove a lot from your body. He’s also a great guy. He is my size ” said Lee.

“When you are 36 and you do it, it doesn’t look good. You dehydrate your brain. It’s just not a good idea to do it twice for no reason. And that too in such a short time. Maybe he could get cut. But I don’t see it happening. Tony is as hard as shit. “

Kevin Lee fought Tony for the interim title in 2017. Despite being the starting aggressor, Lee lost the fight through submission. As a result, he is fully aware of the threat Tony poses inside the Octagon.

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