Tom Holland planned to detox, but Ryan Reynolds sent him a crate of gin


  • Tom Holland told Jimmy Kimmel that he and his friends were “drunk all the time” while they were quarantined together.
  • Holland went on to say that he plans to take a week off to drink alcohol, but the next day Ryan Reynolds sent him a case of gin.
  • The gin case came with a reference from Reynolds ‘Spider-Man: “‘ A few nice neighborhood spiders, I like Ryan.’ “
  • Holland also disguised himself as Spider-Man and put his Peter Parker accent on to surprise Kimmel’s 3-year-old son Billy on his birthday.
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Tom Holland told Jimmy Kimmel that his plan to spend a week without alcohol had been thwarted by a gift from Ryan Reynolds – a “spider-gin” case.

Holland spoke with Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live! In the video chat, and he told the late night host that he and his three friends he was quarantined with were “drunk all the time.”

Holland told Kimmel that he had managed to be “a little productive” and had done “a very good job” on the script he and his friend Harry had been working on.

“I’ve played a lot of PlayStation,” added Holland, “and I’ve watched a lot of movies and caught up on film history, and like I said, I’ve been drinking a lot. “

“In fact, I said this weekend that I was going to stop drinking for a week,” Holland told Kimmel. “I was going to have a week off, then literally Monday morning – I have my own accessory – Ryan Reynolds sent me a case of gin. “

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“Literally, literally, I was like this morning, I don’t drink, all week, I don’t drink at all, and then literally the doorbell rang and there was a case of charming Ryan’s gin, so I think we will drink this. “

Kimmel joked that Reynolds ‘gift was Deadpool trying to bribe Spider-Man, while Holland read the message attached to the box sent by Reynolds: “He says,’ A nice neighborhood spider-gin, likes Ryan. ” “

Holland then put on Spidey clothes to surprise Kimmel’s son, who was celebrating his third birthday, and perfectly resumed his American accent Peter Parker.

Holland Kimmel Spidey

Tom Holland also surprised Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy by dressing up as Spider-Man.

Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube

“Hey, Billy, it’s nice to meet you,” said Holland as Parker. “My name is Peter Parker, I live in Queens, New York. Where do you live? Do you know “

Billy became shy fairly quickly and laughed in his father’s shoulder, while Kimmel’s daughter Jane said Holland had a pretty face. Holland and his friends then joined Billy for a “Happy Birthday”.

Watch the full video below:


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