Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson talks about “extreme side effects from coronaviruses”


Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson spoke of her battle with the coronavirus and the “extreme effects” she had also suffered.

The 63-year-old actress discussed the details of her gruesome battle with the deadly virus Tuesday morning via video call with CBS presenter Gayle King.

Rita explained that she was happily “well” a few weeks after her diagnosis and that she has fully recovered.

However, she remembers when she started to experience painful symptoms.

Rita explained: “I was very tired, I felt extremely sore, uncomfortable. I didn’t want to be touched.

“And then the fever started, with chills like never before.

Rita caught the virus but recovered

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“Looking back, I also realized that I was losing my sense of taste and smell and I didn’t realize it at the time. “

Rita’s fat husband also got the virus while the couple was in Australia last month.

She also revealed that they did not get the virus from each other, but both believe they had contracted it from a third person.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson became the first famous faces to admit they had contracted the deadly virus

Rita had caught a 102-degree fever and admitted that doctors had given her chloroquine to treat it.

“I was completely nauseous, I felt dizzy, I couldn’t walk and my muscles were very weak,” she added.

However, the actress said her husband had “milder symptoms” and did not seem to lose his sense of smell or taste.

She explained the symptoms she suffered from the virus

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The star is now trying to turn her traumatic experience into a positive one for others, by raising money for the virus.

She told the TV show: ” [I’m] trying to raise funds for the relief of COVID-19 through my remix of Hip Hop Hooray with Naughty by Nature. ”

Fortunately, Tom is also back and working after being infected with the deadly bug.

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