Tom Hanks’ house declared “disappointing” by Alex Jones during Rita Wilson’s chat


Tom Hanks’ home has been described as “disappointment” by Alex Jones in a live chat with the actor’s wife, Rita Wilson.

Rita and Tom only recently returned to their home in Los Angeles after being quarantined in Australia for several weeks due to their coronavirus.

Now back in their comfort, The One Show presenter Alex recorded them for the BBC’s evening show.

Alex had joked with co-host Gethin Jones that she was excited to catch a glimpse of the home of an A-list celebrity, but her glamorous thoughts collapsed to the floor.

Alex Jones and Gethin Jones spoke to Rita Wilson on The One Show

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Such was the fall, Alex could not even hide his disappointment and even criticized Rita for the state of the furniture.

Alex introduced the interview, saying, “It has been four months since the start of the coronavirus epidemic and two of the most visible people to have caught the virus were Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson.

“And we’re very excited, Gethin, right, to say that Rita will join us later from their Los Angeles home to talk about their recovery. “

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Gethin added: “It will be like an A-list version of Through The Keyhole and you can’t wait to see what the house looks like. “

Then he said to Alex, “You have to behave when this happens. “

That’s not what happened, because when the video call went live, Rita’s background was the simplest white wall and window that could ever exist.

No Oscars on display, no sophisticated furniture, not even a descriptive piece, and Alex couldn’t help but point out how disappointing it was.

The background to Rita Wilson’s video was a “disappointment”

Introducing Rita, Alex said, “Now our next guest knows all about social distance right now.

“Someone who had coronavirus but is now fully recovered, joining us from LA, is actress and singer Rita Wilson. “

Alex then turned to what was behind Rita.

She continued, “Nice to see you. Now, I’ve been so excited Rita all day to take a look inside your home, but to be honest, the background is somewhat disappointing. Where are you? “

Alex Jones was delighted to take a look at Tom Hanks’ home

The singer replied, “I’m in the laundry room. It’s the quietest place in our house right now and you can see it very white. ”

Alex admitted: “Yes very tidy, much cleaner than mine Rita”

Gethin then added, “Hide too. “

Rita joked, “Well, what else is there to do in quarantine? “

The conversation turned to the diagnosis of coronavirus which saw Rita and Tom feel bad for a few weeks.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were killed by coronavirus

Rita explained, “The first thing is when you realize you got tested and you get it, it’s pretty shocking and a little scary.

“We were in Australia and had just finished a performance at the Sydney Opera House and the next day I started to feel tired.

“The day after this extreme pain and then the fever started, not a super high fever, but a fever and then I got extreme chills and chills. “

She continued to praise the care received in an Australian hospital: “Not like anything I have ever had before from a normal flu, then we tested positive and were told to be safe and we were in australia and had access to excellent health care, we were hospitalized. ”

Back home, it might be higher on the home decor agenda to add a splash of color to the laundry room, even if it’s just for the fun of the fans.

* The One Show is broadcast on weekdays on BBC One at 7 p.m.

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