Tom Brady’s Patriots’ five best moments in career: 28-3 comeback was the icing on the cake of a dynastic race


As you may have heard once or twice in the past few weeks, Tom Brady’s days with the New England Patriots are over. The quadruple quarterback Super Bowl champion has ended his two decades of racing with Bill Belichick and company after entering free agency for the first time in his career and signing an agreement to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Of course, many topics have been and will be discussed ad nauseam regarding the way Brady and the Patriots will do without each other, but we decided to revert to what we had just seen in the past Last 20 years. Myself and PBS Blackburn from CBS Sports – two Boston-based writers – joined host Will Brinson on Wednesday’s Pick Six podcast (subscribe here for daily NFL goodness) and broke down the first five moments of Tom Brady’s tenure with New England.

We each created our top five moments, and then we built a consensus list based on it all. Now it would be easy to just put a bunch of Super Bowls in the top five because the quarterback gave the franchise more than a handful of titles, but that would be boring. In the spirit of making things happen, we’ve tried to keep the championships to a minimum, but we’ve naturally put some of Lombardi’s best efforts at the top.

As we all try to find things to pass the time during this unprecedented time in the world, you good friends at home can listen to us strolling in Brady’s memory in the link below, and you can also get a good summary of what we discussed below.

N ° 5 – Week 6, 2013: winner of the match against Saints

For those outside of New England (like Brinson), this game may not be exactly on your radar for iconic moments from Tom Brady. For sports fans of the Patriots and Boston, however, it was an unforgettable day.

The Patriots faced the New Orleans Saints and lost 27-23 in the fourth quarter and Brady had just intercepted with 2:24 left. Normally, this would likely put the game to rest, but the New England defense was able to force a three-and-out, which gave Brady a chance to redeem. The quarterback then recovered the ball from the Patriots’ 30-yard line and, without any time-out, brought the offense down on the field for one of the most miraculous returns of his career.

On this winning road, Brady made passes to a collection of Island of Misfit Toys receivers like Austin Collie, Aaron Dobson and, of course, rookie Kenbrell Thompkins, who caught a 17 yard pass from Brady with just a few seconds on the clock to give the Patriots the starting score. The game also featured the iconic Patriots radio analyst Scott Zolak’s iconic “unicorns, show ponies” call, which added even more craziness to the return.

Not only was it a historic day for Brady, but it also played a major role in one of the greatest sports days in Boston history.

“The thing I remember most is that he is associated with David Ortiz’s grand slam in the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers,” said Blackburn on the podcast. “The Patriots and Brady won on the Thompkins TD at the end of this afternoon game and that led directly to this ALCS match where Ortiz ties him to the grand slam against the Tigers. It was just one of the best sporting days of my life when it was just incredible legendary games. “

# 4 – Week 6, 2009: Six touchdown games against Titans

Sometimes you just need to tweak your powers and that’s exactly what Brady and the Patriots have done here. The quarterback, while wearing the classic Pat Patriot red jerseys, entered the field at Gillette Stadium in a blizzard and threw six (!) TDs against the Tennessee Titans, who were a shy of the record of the NFL for a game.

Randy Moss had eight receptions for 129 yards and three touchdowns, while Wes Welker caught 10 passes for 150 yards and two scores. In addition to these six scores, Brady completed 29 of his 34 assists for 380 yards. Brian Hoyer even entered the game and threw 11 assists, which shows how bloodshed it turned out to be.

The 2009 campaign was not the most successful for New England, as it ended at 10-6 and lost to the Ravens in Wild Card Weekend, but in this game Brady showed how point it can be dominant and serves as a good reminder of how prolific the offensive was during this stretch when Moss and Welker were at his disposal.

# 3 – Super Bowl XLIX

“The biggest Super Bowl game I have seen in person,” said Brinson of the Patriots’ 28-24 victory over the Seahawks to close the 2014 season.

Not only did I agree with Brinson that it was the biggest Super Bowl of all time, but – to draw the curtain for a minute – I had this game as Tom Brady # 1 moment when we made our ranking.

This Super Bowl had so much to do with the legacy of Tom Brady. He and the Patriots had not won a title since beating the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX and Brady went 3-2 in the big game, losing twice to the New York Giants. If he were to fall, Brady would have been .500 in the Super Bowls he had reached. If he won, he would not only advance to 4-2 in the Super Bowls, but he would tie Joe Montana in the titles and further claim that he had overtaken him as the greatest quarterback of all. time.

Not only that, but this game also gave New England its first title since the Spygate saga, which should not go unnoticed.

“The reality of the matter is that the Patriots had not won a Super Bowl since Spygate at this point,” said Brinson. “If the Pats had lost, people would write articles wondering if Brady and Belichick could win without the Spygate thing. “

The bottom line was that the Patriots managed to clinch the fourth title in franchise history. While most of us will always remember this match as “the interception of Malcolm Butler”, Brady was absolutely enlightened in this victory, especially in the fourth quarter. During that last quarter, Brady completed 13 of 15 passes for 124 and two touchdowns with a passer rating of 140.7. Brady was even sharper when he started New England just before Butler’s interception as he made each of his passes, including touchdown from Julian Edelman.

N ° 2 – Tuck Rule Game / Super Bowl XXXVI

We sort of cheated here by combining both the Divisional Round / Tuck Rule game and the Patriots’ first title in Super Bowl XXXVI, but it was hard to tell part of that story without the other. After all, this is the first team championship in its history and the first Boston title since the 1986 Celtics.

This game against Oakland – the last game at Foxboro Stadium (January 19, 2002) – was surreal. The region was plagued by an epic snowstorm, Adam Vinatieri was going through the worst imaginable elements and Brady really gave his first introduction on how special he would become. In the win against the Raiders, Brady completed 32 of his 52 assists for 312 yards, a pick and rushed for a touchdown. Of course, Brady was lucky on his side because of the fallback rule that was applied in the middle of this match, which kept New England’s hopes of advancing to the AFC Championship with a 16- win 13 on the Raiders.

Then you arrive at Super Bowl XXXVI where Brady and his company played “The Greatest Show on Turf” in the St. Louis Rams. New England was seen as a huge outsider and finally had one of the biggest upheavals in Super Bowl history. Brady did it with final surgical training. While legendary head coach and broadcaster John Madden urged the Patriots to just play overtime, Brady took the ball with the game tied at 17, just under 90 seconds to play and no downtime and flew the Pats’ offensive on the field. to set the winning field goal for the championship. Brady made his way through the field, remained calm and finally clocked the 30-meter line for the Rams with only seven seconds to go. The rest is history.

# 1 – Super Bowl LI

While it may not be my best Brady moment, I will not fault anyone for making the epic 28-3 comeback the best they have ever seen from him. After a miserable first half by New England, Brady and the Pats made the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, gathering 25 points to ultimately win in overtime. I mean, almost everyone counted Brady and the Patriots in this game and somehow they got it right and took advantage of every mistake made by the Atlanta Falcons.

As we discussed on the podcast, there were many accounts of this victory. Brady not only pulled a rabbit out of his hat for the title, he also overtook Joe Montana for the most Super Bowls won by a quarterback, further strengthening his status as best of all time. He was also able to win this title during the year he served his suspension for the Deflategate saga and his mother, Galynn, was battling an illness. The resilience not only in this game, but during the season was truly a sight to behold and was fully visible here.

“I think one of the things about (Super Bowl LI) is more than (Super Bowl XLIX), because it was back, because the defense had been cut by the Falcons and this offense, and because as Brady broke the passing passer record and it was Brady leading the biggest comeback of all time, it took Brady and Belichick and separated them, “said Brinson. “It made Brady more equal to Belichick than I think many people had wanted to give him credibility in the past. “


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