Todd Gurley says the Rams are “late” and “send me money”


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Ball carrier Todd Gurley is no longer a Ram, but his affair with the Rams is apparently not over.

Gurley went to Twitter Wednesday to send a message to the Rams, saying that they are “suffering “And to” [s]finish me money. “

Although the Rams cut Gurley before the third day of the league year, thereby avoiding an additional $ 10.5 million in fully guaranteed bonds, the Rams already owed Gurley a fully guaranteed list bonus of 7.55 million dollars on the third day of the year in the league.

The Rams will be entitled to partial compensation based on Gurley’s one-year deal with the Falcons, if / when that deal becomes official. But it’s money they would get from the Falcons later (the contract between Gurley and the Falcons is still unofficial); the Rams still owe Gurley $ 7.55 million – if that’s the payment Gurley is referring to.

Then it is possible that the Rams owe Gurley the $ 10.5 million that was avoided when it was removed. Although the money was never fully guaranteed, it was guaranteed for injuries. If Gurley physically fails his Falcons, a fight could take place between Gurley and the Rams to find out if he was injured when he was released.


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