To watch: William Robert is smooth and elegant in ‘Glow in the Dark’


The latest addition to the Norco team, freerider William Robert, spent 3 months creating his ultimate riding spot near his home, just outside Paris, France. He managed to finish the job and assemble this modification in no time before the country was locked.

The light was dim and the weather was not always cooperative during the four days of shooting, but he aligned the stars to create “Glow in the Dark” to brighten up everyday.

bigquotes For me, it was important to make this video, because I worked very hard to build a place like this near my home. I worked every day for 3 months in the woods, more than 10 days with a shovel, and I had a lot of help from friends to build the spot. But I’m super happy with the result and I can’t thank the mayor of my hometown enough for giving me the chance to build this. I think it’s a dream for everyone to build their own riding spot and I was able to bring mine to reality.William Robert

Director: Alan Perreard
Cinematography: Alan Perreard and Gregory Roux
Cable Cam: The Quietly Prod.
Photography: Gregory Roux and Fabien Moriset


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