Tipping Point viewers cannot take their eyes off the candidate’s “daring” attire choice


Tipping Point viewers struggled to focus on game viewing this afternoon.

The show saw host Ben Shephard welcome four other contestants to the famed ITV studio as they battled for the coveted cash prizes.

But as the questions began to unfold, eagle-eyed viewers found themselves very distracted by one of the candidate’s clothing choices.

The first was Sandra, who wore a pretty eye-catching ensemble with many viewers unable to look away.

Tipping Point viewers found it quite difficult to focus on game viewing this afternoon

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The proud mom watched the glamor image as she fought to win the cash prizes in a multi-colored blouse.

Despite the fact that she looked fantastic when she first appeared on TV, many Tipping Point fans turned to Twitter to share their thoughts on her choice of top, and said it appealed to her more. as a player.

When Sandra was introduced, a fan tweeted, “I just can’t take my eyes off this lady’s top. It’s fascinating! “

Proud mom looked glamorous as she fought to win cash prizes in a multi-colored cardigan

Another joked: “Sandra’s top is exactly the same color as my omelet this morning for breakfast.”

“Now this is a daring summit if I have ever seen one. We won’t forget Sandra in a hurry, will we? Said another.

While a fourth viewer commented, “All I can focus on is this woman’s top. I can’t decide if I like it or if I hate it! “

Sandra looked fabulous in her colorful outfit

But it’s not just Sandra who unintentionally distracted viewers.

His compatriot Jon Michael also had tongues wagging in his tight gray tie-die t-shirt.

According to some eagle-eyed fans of the hit ITV gameshow, the pair looked like “two peas in a pod.”

His compatriot Jon Michael also had tongues wagging in his tight gray tie-die t-shirt

Speaking to Twitter, a spectator said, “Sandra and Jon Michael here seem to have planned their outfits.”

As a second joked, “I’m sorry, but these may be just the worst outfits I’ve seen all year! “

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“From the looks of these outfits, it was filmed in the early 2000s, if not, someone has to hire a personal stylist,” said a third.

Unfortunately for sweet Sandra, she was the first player to be eliminated, which meant that the fans were able to focus again on the current match.

* Tipping Point is broadcast on weekdays at 4 p.m. on ITV

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