“Time and circumstances can change, but not our chemistry”


Chris Jericho and Triple H
Chris Jericho and Triple H

WWE had announced a special celebration for the 25th anniversary of Triple H’s debut in the ring for society and wrestling stars from around the world have come forward to wish the game on this occasion since then.

One such surprising wish came from former AEW world champion Chris Jericho, who has moved away from the WWE world in recent times due to his association with AEW.

The former WWE star recently posted a video on his social media accounts to congratulate Triple H. In the video below, he claimed that time and circumstances could change, but the chemistry between the two does not. did not change:

“Times and circumstances can change, but one thing that never changes is the incredible chemistry I had with Triple H. So I just want to wish her a happy 25th birthday.

For one of the greatest to ever enter a wrestling ring and a guy with whom I had deadly chemistry. Every game we have had has been great. Happy 25th anniversary. Lemmy would be very proud of you. “

Triple H signed a one-year contract with WCW
a WWE deal and he debuted in the ring for the company on April 30,
1995 episode of Wrestling Challenge.

Since then, he has continued to build a Hall of Fame promotion career, including more than a dozen world title victories and many memorable moments over the years.

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