Tim from Coronation Street “thumbs up” – but a painful scene ruined by a coronavirus


Tim Metcalfe “cut his thumb” on Coronation Street tonight – but the painful scene was inadvertently ruined by the coronavirus epidemic.

Corrie viewers watched in horror as Tim seemed to amputate his own thumb while doing the dishes.

Traumatized, Tim screamed in agony, accusing Daddy’s knife Geoff in the sink, while the mortified wife Sally ran to help him.

Terrified, Sally yelled to Tim to put pressure on the wound, crying, “See if you have ice, maybe they can sew it up.” “

Geoff called an ambulance and revealed that his son had “amputated his own thumb” while Yasmeen was looking for him in the sink.

Tim seemed to have cut his thumb

Sally and Yasmeen were mortified

Tim said, “I can’t live without my thumb. I can’t hold anything. “

Just when the desperate situation got out of hand, Tim raised his thumb from under the towel and confessed, “Oh, there it is. “

Giggling Tim and Geoff revealed that they played an April prank on their wives.

Tim feared he wouldn’t be able to pick things up

Many Corrie fans believed Tim was seriously injured because the April Fool’s Day was Wednesday.

Many viewers pointed to the blunder on social media, but the blunder was due to the new ITV soap calendar.

With production halted due to the coronavirus epidemic, Corrie only airs three episodes a week instead of the usual six.

Tonight’s episode was supposed to air Wednesday April Fools’ Day, which has out of sync with the storylines.

Tim finally produced his thumb

Sally and Yasmeen were stuffed

Corrie had actually grown big for April Fool’s Fish this year, with many characters joking around.

Chesney noticed a lot of red spots on Bernie’s face and asked her if she was leaning on herself.

When Bernice claimed it could be chickenpox, Chesney replied, “I’m not stupid, I know what day it is. “

He then almost threw away his tea when he realized that Bernie had made another farce and had put salt in the bag of sugar.

Bernie pretended to have spots on her face

David and Lilly scared Gail

In another hilarious moment, David told his daughter Lily to hide under the table to trick Gail into thinking that she was missing.

Worried, Gail frantically began to search and was about to call the police before Lily jumped up and said, “April Fool’s! “

Cheeky Lily revealed that it was David’s whole idea, leaving Gail to ask if they were trying to put her in an early grave.

Steve put shaving foam on Tracy’s head

Meanwhile, Emma went to point out that Tracy had shaving foam on her head, but Steve stopped her.

Tracy finally realized at work and came home to pick up her own Steve with the shaving foam – but it was after noon.

* Coronation Street is broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV at 7:30 p.m.


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