Tim Cook says Apple has bought more than 20 million masks


Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a rare video update to his Twitter account, where he shared details of Apple COVID-19’s efforts to source masks through its supply chain , and how he designs, produces and ships face shields for medical workers.

According to Tim Cook’s video, Apple has purchased more than 20 million masks so far and is working with governments around the world to donate them to the places that need them most. The second part of the update explains how Apple uses all of its teams, including design, engineering, operations and packaging to work with suppliers and produce face shields for medical workers who fight COVID- 19.

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Doctors have shared positive comments on the face shields produced by Apple. 100 face shields are packed in a box and can be assembled in just 2 minutes. The face shields are fully adjustable for the best fit. Apple produces them in the United States and China, and plans to ship more than a million by the end of this week, and a million a week thereafter. These face shields will be urgently provided to healthcare professionals and front-line workers in the United States, in coordination with the government. Apple plans to soon expand the distribution of these face shields beyond the United States.

Apple has one of the largest supply chains of any business on earth, which is used to produce and ship millions of iPhones, iPads and AirPods at a scale and speed that few others can match. The company uses its resources to find unique ways to help healthcare professionals on a large scale.

Tim Cook ended his video message by asking people to stay at home and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Here’s Tim Cook’s full tweet, which accompanies the video:

Apple is dedicated to supporting the global response to COVID-19. We have now purchased more than 20 million masks through our supply chain. Our design, engineering, operations, and packaging teams also work with suppliers to design, produce, and ship face shields for medical workers.

Apple previously launched the COVID-19 screening app and website for the United States, which allows users to check in the comfort of their homes for symptoms of coronavirus. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the app and the website will provide suggestions accordingly. Tim Cook recently received a letter for the COVID-19 application and website from US senators asking if user health and privacy were respected, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA).

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