Tiger King Nemesis claims Joe Exotic has had zoos


Tiger King Nemesis claims Joe Exotic has had zoos

The life and crimes of the wonderful Tiger King went straight to 11 on a bizarre scale.

Former Joe Exotic business partner says he found pictures of Netflix star mules having sex with animals at his Oklahoma zoo.

Jeff Lowe’s accusations are just the latest twist on Tiger Tale Park’s soap opera.

Lowe has been actively at odds with the 57-year-old exotic who is currently imprisoned for the murder of hippie hypocrites and sworn enemy Carole Baskin.

On Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, Lowe knocked over the beans when asked if there was anything else “weird s ***” about the gay country song Exotic.

“I think the strangest thing we found … was a USB stick for Joe and (her ex-husband) and they had sex with animals in the park,” said Lowe.

It was Lowe who became the fake charity of Exotic when he was in financial difficulty and now owns the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. He accused the show’s star of hiring male prostitutes and burying two animal rights protesters on the property.

During the program, COVID-19 fans of the Lowe show cheered with a number of bizarre questions.

Carole Baskin and her current husband Howard “I wanted to do something for this woman” Baskin.

Was it Carole (#carolekilledherhusband) Baskins first man?

Lowe: “If I were stuck on a desert island with (Baskin), I would have a coconut,” scoffed the despicable cat fisherman. “I saw the photos side by side. He’s more like John (Finlay) and Joe’s love child (exotic). “

Another participant said that Lowe and Baskin were – in fact – working together to take over the zoo.

Exotic accused Baskin of killing her second multimillionaire husband and feeding him to his tigers.

Then? Joe Exotic is in talks to launch a podcast from his prison in Texas, said her husband.

Meanwhile, in another cruel cut, Lowe is accused of having sold the beloved pink sequins of Tiger King, now traded on eBay for $ 650.

The seller promises, “It was purchased directly from Jeff Lowe and was left when Joe left the zoo. This shirt is guaranteed authentic and is a very rare item. “

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