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Tiger King made his Netflix debut earlier this year and the series has become the most popular on the streaming platform since its release. The documentary series follows Joe Exotic, the founder of GW Zoo in Oklahoma, and his collection of big cats and other wildlife. Exotic is serving a 22-year prison sentence on paid murder charges, but fans have spotted signs of life on his social media accounts.

Tiger King recounts how eccentric zoo keeper Joe Exotic was jailed for pay murder after hiring someone to kill rival Carole Baskin.

Baskin was an animal welfare activist determined to shut down Exotic, claiming that he exploited wild animals for financial gain.

She and Exotic quickly became enemies and their rivalry was clear throughout the series, with both sides determined to win the fight.

In the end, an FBI agent who infiltrated as a hitman for Joe caught him and was arrested and imprisoned in January 2020.

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Exotic is currently serving his sentence in a medical center in Fort Worth, which is managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

His prison term had started at Grady County Jail in Oklahoma but due to the coronavirus epidemic, he was transferred to another facility.

He was told that he was not allowed to make calls or access the Internet for 14 days when he first moved into the establishment, but it is unclear on what day he moved .

Her husband, Dillon Passage, spoke about this decision in an interview on Wednesday, April 1, but Passage did not say how long he has been in the facility.

But on Friday April 3, a new Tweet was published on the Instagram account which claims to be the official account of Joe Exotic.

The publication is the first to have been published since the documentary aired earlier this year, the previous publication dating from October 2018.

The new post, which featured a picture of a tiger behind a chain-link fence, said, “At 2 million followers, the tiger will be out of the cage and the games will start – Joe (please share this post). “

The cryptic message appeared on the account that currently has 253,000 subscribers, and the account description says, “This is Joe Exotic’s official Instagram.

“I am currently working to have this account verified with Instagram – messages relayed by @dillert_lclm. “

The @dillert_lclm account is owned by Exotic Passage’s husband, suggesting that the pair may have started talking again.

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Passage then shared the post on their own Instagram account, with the caption: “Discover” the new post from joe_exotic, of GREAT things happening. “

Fans are wondering what these vague messages mean and they will be watching the accounts carefully for the next few days.

The characters in the series have become an obsession for viewers, even celebrities, including American actor David Spade.

Spade began recording video interviews with some of the show’s key players, including Rick Kirkham, who helped produce Joe’s videos.

In the interview, Kirkham said, “I have been living at the zoo for a year and I cannot tell you what a trip back to the year is like.

“You live in a mobile home with three other people, you hear the sound of lions roaring at night, it’s a very unique experience. “

Exotic had created an Internet show with a few viewers and Kirkham had been brought in to make it more professional to attract new viewers.

Kirkham added, “I went to meet him and I never left, when I first met Joe Exotic I knew it was a million dollar show. “

Tiger King is available to watch on Netflix now


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