Tiger King fans will also enjoy these Netflix documentaries


When Tiger king was released, viewers called it “absolutely crazy” and “the craziest show of all time”. “I’m a connoisseur of documentaries about nuts,” said one fan. “The wackier the better, and let me tell you, just two episodes, Tiger king on Netflix is ​​just on a whole new level of nuts. “

The documentary tells the story of Joe Exotic, a tiger trader involved in a rivalry with animal rights activist Carole Baskin. Their feud intensified so much that it resulted in Exotic being sentenced to 22 years in prison for crimes including trying to hire someone to assassinate Baskin.

The eccentricity of Tiger kingThe subjects of the series made the show extremely bingeable, so if you’re done with the series and want more wacky, check out our list of other weird documentaries available on Netflix …

Wild wild country

This successful documentary shares two of Tiger kingThe key ingredients of the business: it has an unusually unusual man at its center, and it tells of a fierce rivalry. Wild wild country tells how Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his right-wing wife Ma Anand Sheela led a group of followers in a small town in Oregon and founded a cult. The clashes with local residents have turned into a real war involving threats, fraud and even bioterrorism.

Fyre: the biggest party that has ever taken place

Before Joe Exotic becomes a household name, the team behind Tiger king made Fyre. This documentary traces the spectacular failure of Ja Rule’s “music festival” in the Bahamas, which hit the headlines around the world after guests who paid up to $ 100,000 for tickets went to a site dilapidated with limited shelter and food. As Tiger king, he introduces us to fascinating characters – including event producer Andy King, who became a meme after admitting he almost fellatio to convince the Bahamas customs authorities to give the participants water.

Tell me who i am

This is another documentary that fits Tiger king on the “bonkers” scale. Tell me who i am revolves around Alex, a man who lost his long-term memory after a bicycle accident. The only person who can help restore Alex’s life is his identical twin brother and, incredibly, the two left cameras in the room to record the tragic story of their childhood revealed.

Three identical strangers

“Three identical strangers”

When three teenagers meet by chance and discover that they are identical triplets separated at birth, they are on the moon. But, as this documentary reveals, their adoption was far from normal, and what begins as a joyful reunion story quickly turns into something far more sinister. If you miss the twists and turns of Tiger king, this series is full.

Removed in Plain Sight

This disturbing documentary tells the story of Jan Broberg, a child who has been kidnapped from his family by their friend Robert Berchtold twice. Either way, Berchtold was able to manipulate the Broberg religious family, effectively caring for them, which enabled him to kidnap and mistreat Jan.

Do not F ** k with cats

Do not f ** k with cats: hunt a killer on the Internet | official trailer

A documentary that will fill this feline-shaped hole in your life is Do not *** with cats. When it was released, viewers called it “the most disturbing” series they have ever seen. He focuses on a Canadian murderer, Luka Magnotta, and the work of an amateur detective who caught him after he posted a graphic video of himself killing two kittens online.


Tiger kingCarole Baskin says that when she was courted by Netflix for participating in the documentary, she was introduced to her as the “big cat version of Blackfish“. Although it didn’t quite happen that way, the two shows share some major similarities. Blackfish, once described as “as captivating as a serial killer thriller,” revealed animal abuse at SeaWorld.


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