Three other residents die in care home due to coronavirus outbreak, killing 16


Three other residents died in Burlington Court Care Home, a crisis-hit town in east Glasgow in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

This brings the tragic death toll to 16 in just over a week.

Nicola Sturgeon reported that 12 other residents of the 90-bed home were experiencing symptoms in his press briefing today.

According to the Sunday Mail, none of the patients were tested for the virus because they were not admitted to the hospital but their families were informed of a possible link with the virus.

All of the deceased residents had underlying health conditions.

Two days ago, two elderly men died within hours of the first deaths.

A spokesperson told the Mail: “We can confirm that 14 residents have died in the past seven days.

“Our condolences go out to their families.”

Two house staff are in separate hospitals and are being treated for coronavirus after being tested positive.

Previously, Four Seasons Health Care, who operates the home, said, “With deep sadness, we can confirm that 13 residents of Burlington Care Home have died in the past seven days.

“Our condolences go out to their families and we provide them with our continued support during this difficult time. The death of a loved one is always traumatic regardless of the circumstances.

“Within the home, the team continues to focus on the ongoing care and protection of all of our residents and colleagues, two of whom are currently being treated for coronavirus.

“Our strict infectious disease protocols are in place, including social distancing, and we are closely monitoring the health of other residents and colleagues.

“In these exceptional circumstances, we are sincerely grateful for the dedication of our colleagues and can assure our residents and their families that we are putting all our resources and energy into supporting and protecting everyone in our homes.”

The home liaises with public health officials and the health inspectorate.

A spokesperson for the Nursing Inspectorate said, “We are aware of the tragic deaths of residents of this nursing home as a result of Covid-19.

“Our thoughts are with the loved ones and the staff and the wider community of the home.

“We have been informed of the circumstances and we are in contact with the care service and the local health and social protection partnership during this difficult period.

“The whole welfare sector in Scotland is working under very difficult circumstances to care for people during the pandemic and the Care Inspectorate is doing everything it can to support them.”

Church Minister of Scotland Rev Muriel Pearson of Cranhill Parish Church will lead the funeral of one of the residents on Monday.

She said, “Our congregation has been involved with the people living in the Burlington nursing home since its construction, regularly visiting to worship.

“The community will be desperately shocked and saddened by the news that so many families have lost loved ones in recent days.”

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon also tweeted, “My thoughts are with all the residents of the Burlington health care home and especially the families of those who died there or elsewhere with £ COVID19.

“We are working hard to control this virus and will offer all the support we can to this and other nursing homes.

“I also think of the staff in this home and all the nursing homes – they do a necessary but very difficult job and I am very grateful to everyone.”


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