Thousands of desperate people flood food bank lines


In perhaps the most serious reminder to date of the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, the San Antonio Food Bank helped nearly 10,000 households on Thursday with a record gift.

“It was tough today,” said food bank president and chief executive officer Eric Cooper after the largest day-long distribution in 40 years. “We have never executed a request as large as we are today.”

The majority of vehicles began to line up to enter the Traders Village parking lot well before dawn for the 10 am kickoff.

“It looked like prairie dogs, with everyone standing above their trucks, trying to get a bird’s eye view of the line to see how much longer they had to wait,” said Brian Billeck, director of marketing at Traders. Town.


It’s truly sad. This is the modern version of the Great Depression soup ranges.

I would rather have the money spent on these efforts than the way in which Congress formulated parts of the federal transplant programs.

People don’t wait for hours in the food chains for milk and beans unless they really need it.


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