Thor 4 gives Thor: Ragnarok a “safe” appearance


Taika Waititi says that Thor: Love and thunder will do Thor: Ragnarok seems safe. Chris Hemsworth will be back to resume his role as God of Thunder for another standalone film, making him the only MCU character to have four solo projects. Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie will also be back, along with Natalie Portman in the role of Jane Foster that people haven’t seen in the franchise since Thor: The Dark World. This time, she should play a bigger role in the narrative by becoming Mighty Thor.

Announced at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the anticipation of Love and thunder is high, thanks to what Waititi has delivered in Ragnarok. Admittedly, Marvel Studios struggled to portray the God of Thunder on the big screen, especially with the issue The dark world. Things got better when Waititi arrived and overturned the sub-franchise, single-handedly revamping the character and his films with a more humorous and fun approach that people liked. Love and thunder may still be in almost two years, but Waititi is already wondering what to expect in the film.

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During a watch evening for Ragnarok, Waititi gave fans a glimpse of the creative process behind the film. He also talked about the future, including Love and thunder. Although he obviously can’t reveal important details from the story, as if Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will be making an appearance, he jokingly shared a preview of the film’s script, as well as real new pieces of conceptual art . He said, however, that what he planned for the next phase 4 movie would do Ragnarok appear ” sure. “

Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth Thor Ragnarok

With little context, fans can interpret this statement as they wish. Naturally, some might get nervous about it since pushing the envelope Love and thunder could turn around, especially those who weren’t particularly fond of what he did in Ragnarok. That said, Waititi is known for his strange tales and quirky humor – after all, he’s the guy behind the award-winning film, Jojo rabbit. So it might be best at this point to hold back judgment until the final product is released. If anything, Waititi has basically made Thor cool, and fans should be optimistic about what he’s doing Love and thunder.

As the MCU tries to reinvent itself after the end of the Infinity saga, the franchise has to take bolder risks to maintain its popularity. Waititi being willing to try new things that are out of the ordinary is a sign that Marvel Studios is trying to do it. Certainly, he can ultimately backfire if Thor: Love and thunder turns out to be bad, most would like to try to operate outside of their three-beaten-bow formula. The franchise is already so well established that it can go beyond a potentially bad creative choice, and if the film turns out to be another success like Thor: Ragnarok, this could motivate them to continue to innovate with their projects.

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Source: Taika Waititi

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