This morning Martin Lewis slams the horrible “horrible” ads claiming that he is dead


Money expert Martin Lewis has criticized disgusting fake announcements that he is dead.

Appearing in Today’s This Morning, he spoke of the terrible rumors that are spreading in these troubled times.

He told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that the false reports are even more troubling as thousands of people in the UK have died from coronaviruses.

Martin was discussing the government’s payment plan when he interrupted his own story to snap up the false news.

He said, “If you make me happy just a second while I do this, I just found out that there is another one of these advertisements on a lot of online newspapers today that I am dead.

Martin criticized the ads saying he was dead

“These are fraudulent ads using the fact that I am dead, which is just plain awful right now. I clearly don’t have it, obviously, but just to say, if you see it, please report it because a lot of people are getting very upset by it. ”

He added, “We must all act together to try to stop these horrible crooks, this moral turpitude.

“Right now, to say that someone died when he didn’t do it as an advertisement, it just breeds belief. “

Holly and Phil were shocked by what he said

Holly and Phil were disgusted.

“Oh Martin, I’m sorry,” said Holly.

Phil added, “Well, we’re glad you’re fine. “

Martin was disgusted

Martin sighed and raised his hand in the air to express his disgust.

Martin, who founded MoneySavingExpert, called on publishers to tackle “fake ads.”

The expert appeared on television throughout the coronavirus pandemic to advise people on the best way to manage their money and let them know about the help they are entitled to.

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Martin alerted people to significant changes in their energy bills while working from home and offered advice to employees who have been put on leave but are then asked to work.

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