This morning in chaos as Phil is kicked out for trying to fix the Spin to Win wheel


This morning was in total chaos when Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield tried to play their Spin To Win game.

The wheel they use to play the game was suspended in the rafters above the studio and did not descend.

Holly said, “So you know that Spin To Win is always going wrong and every day we find a new way to go wrong. “

The camera moved to show the wheel hanging from the ceiling while Holly continued, “Well, today is gone for the big time. “

Phillip explained that he would not descend, despite the fact that they “tried very hard” to do so.

Producers yelled into Phil’s ear as he tried to climb the ladder

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Phillip tried to save the day by grabbing a ladder, but was lambasted by producers sitting in the gallery who yelled at him to stop him.

Holly said that she would offer to hold the ladder but that she was not allowed to because it would mean that she was standing less than 2 meters from him.

The pair followed government directions by staying at least 2 meters apart while continuing to broadcast the ITV program in the midst of the coronavirus shutdown.

“I am told that I am not allowed to climb the ladder,” said Phil.

The wheel got stuck hanging in the air

It wouldn’t go down

As the execs shouted in their ears to stop, Holly asked, “What do you mean he is not allowed to climb the ladder? He’s an adult man! “

Phillip yelled at the TV bosses, telling them they weren’t there when he climbed a ladder at home.

Phil asked, “What do you mean by” health and safety “? In the world we live in right now, you fear that I am climbing a ladder! “

Holly renamed the game “Dip to Win”, telling viewers that she had written amounts on pieces of her script and would stick them in a cup instead.

Phil tried to save the day

He yelled at the producers when they tried to stop him

“You actually have a greater chance of winning today,” said Holly.

The successful spectator managed to win £ 1,000, then Phil pulled the other pieces of paper out of the cup and unfolded to show that it was done enough.

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