This Morning fans have been taken aback as Ruth and Eamonn have yet to explain why they don’t distance themselves


This Morning fans couldn’t believe it on This Morning when hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes had yet to explain their relationship.

They are married and live together, so they do not have to comply with social distancing guidelines.

But as so many furious viewers come in contact to criticize them for sitting together in the studio, they have yet to announce at the start of the show that they are married.

Ruth said at the start of the show, “Just to say that if this is your first time logging in, we are allowed to sit this close because we are married. “

Ruth read a warning that she was married to Eamonn

One viewer wrote on Twitter, “Just have a screen message for Eamonn and Ruth regarding social distancing. Ridiculous, they have to keep explaining! #this morning “.

Another added: “And in 3…. 2…. 1…. people wonder why Eamonn and Ruth are sitting together. #This morning “.

“They actually tackled it themselves today!” I can’t believe the viewers keep making this comment! Said a third.

Eamonn and Ruth are married and therefore sit together in the series

On Friday’s show, the hosts spoke to a doctor about the show for answers to the new coronavirus tests announced yesterday.

Dr. Phillippa Kay appeared via video link and explained the different ways to test key workers, including newly built mobile test centers and home tests delivered to your door.

Dr. Phillippa explained that all key workers, whose children are currently in school, are eligible for these tests.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield stay two meters apart when they show up together

You can either register on the government website, or your employer can register if you work in a private nursing home, for example.

“There are new test centers popping up, there are also new mobile test centers in which the military is involved, and there are home test kits,” she said.

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She added that there was research to verify that the home tests were accurate as a professional and that they appeared to be.

Home test kits can be sent via Royal Mail or even Boots or Amazon, and Dr. Phillippa said that home tests work within 72 hours, and if you go to a test center, you’ll your results within 48 hours.

Dr. Phillippa advised that home samples should go straight to the back of your mouth, even if it makes you gag, because otherwise the tests could be false negative if they are not done correctly.


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