This morning doctor explains a bizarre combination of 3 foods to fight coronavirus


A doctor appeared this morning and revealed the three foods we should eat to fight coronavirus.

Dr. Chris explained that we can strengthen our immune system and give us a better chance of fighting the deadly virus by changing our diet.

“Yogurts, beans and bananas,” he recommended.

He also advised the public to get as much vitamin D as possible to help our bodies get better.

Dr. Chris gave his “three-point plan” to help the public strengthen their immunity

The doctor appeared via video link and talked to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about our immune system, explaining that 70% of it is in the gut.

“Your immune system protects you from viruses and bacteria,” he said.

“I advise you to increase the population of good bacteria by eating yogurt, Greek yogurt.

“If you look at the label on the yogurt, you might see long names, these are the names of the bacteria found there. “

He advised us to eat as much yogurt, beans and bananas as possible

He continued, “Increase the population of good bacteria, so you have to feed them by taking pro biotics found in foods like beans.” “

He recommended eating all kinds of beans, as well as bananas.

“These are good, simple, inexpensive ways to feed your army of good bacteria. “

He also recommended taking vitamin D, which we get from the sun.

Dr. Chris spoke with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford this morning

“We are all low in vitamin D, and we should be taking vitamin D,” he said, explaining that we were running out of hormones because it was winter.

He read a research document stating that vitamin D helped fight the coronavirus.

“Look for vitamin D3 on the label,” he added.

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Ruth clarified, “Obviously, this thing is not going to keep you from getting [coronavirus] but it’s good for boosting your immune system. ”

Dr. Chris added, “No living doctor has seen anything like this” as he discussed the new pandemic.

“We are learning this virus every day. “


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