This man’s personalized Zoom background is a work of art


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While these are privacy concerns, there is no doubt that the Zoom video conferencing application has become very popular in recent weeks, with many working from home.

And if we’re all going to use it, we might as well make the most of it.

One thing (frankly glorious) about the app is its virtual background function, which allows you to leave the aesthetics of your house more and more repetitive and lead your conversation at the Golden Gate Bridge, for example , or at high heights of space.

And even better? There is also the possibility to download yours Context. And this is where the creative minds intensify.

“Today I made a Zoom background of myself accidentally stepping on myself during a Zoom meeting,” tweeted Australian video producer Dan Crowd on Friday, demonstrating a skillfully executed use of the functionality.

Truly a masterpiece.

“Honestly?” I was bored, “Crowd told Mashable, when asked where he got the idea. “If I knew I could get that kind of commitment with five minutes of work, I would not have tried that hard in the past 12 years. “

Now, let’s all go ahead and explore our full Zoom background potential.


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