These 50 Android apps damage your phone and need to be removed


Nearly a million people have downloaded malware that can reduce the performance of your Android smartphone and drain the battery. The applications – and there are a total of around fifty depressants – were discovered by security researchers at Check Point. All malicious apps are designed to appear benign to entice people to download them from the Google Play Store. So be aware.

If you already have one of the apps on your device, we recommend that you remove it as soon as possible. Despite the measures taken by Google, they will not remove the software from your device remotely. It’s yours. The scam software is designed to flood your smartphone with advertisements to generate income for hackers.

“Although Google has taken steps to secure its Play Store and stop malicious activity, hackers still find ways to infiltrate the App Store and gain access to users’ devices,” writes the research team at Check Point in the blog post. “Check Point researchers have identified a new family of malware [has been] downloaded almost a million times worldwide. “

In total, there are 56 named and shameful apps in the latest report. Almost half (24) were aimed at enticing children to download the software by disguising them as puzzle or racing games. The remaining 32 apps include utility and productivity apps, as well as kitchen apps, calculators, downloaders, and translators.

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When the apps are downloaded to your phone, the software simulates clicks on banner ads in the apps. By mimicking a user typing in advertising, the software will generate revenue for the teams behind the malicious applications.

But while this is an extremely effective way to fill the pockets of the developers behind the anti-scam software, it is terrible for the battery life of your smartphone. If your phone has trouble getting to the end of the day, deleting one of these apps could seriously help boost your battery.

“This campaign has cloned legitimate popular apps to gain an audience, mainly with children, since most malware application covers are children’s games,” researchers wrote. “The good news is that these infected apps have all been removed from Google Play. “

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Although the apps will no longer be available in the Play Store, if you or your child have previously downloaded the app, they will still be available on your smartphone or tablet and could compromise performance and ruin battery life.

The offending applications identified by the researchers are:


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