The world’s first “choose your energy mix” project announced in France


Power Ledger and ekWateur have announced a “world premiere” of an energy trading platform that could allow customers to choose their own energy mix.

The Vision platform, compatible with the blockchain, will be deployed at 220,000 meters across France and will allow households to buy preferred renewable energy as well as its certified source and origin.

Vision will also allow customers to sell excess renewable energy through a peer negotiation function.

Our Power Ledger Executive Chairman, Dr. Jemma Green, said, “Whether consumers want to source energy from solar panels on their neighbor’s roof or from a wind farm in Bordeux, our platform offers consumers the choice and control of their energy source.

“If the world is to meet its Paris climate targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, then we need to start giving every household the opportunity to switch to clean energy. This project proves the commercial opportunities of our technology ”.

The energy trading platform should be launched in late 2020.


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