The wife of Jurgen Klopp’s incredible secret kindness act at the supermarket


Jurgen Klopp’s wife gave £ 1,000 food stamps to supermarket staff as a “thank you” for their work on the coronavirus front.

The touching emotion occurred last week when Ulla Sandrock went to Waitrose in Formby and suddenly distributed the gifts.

ECHO understands that 20 separate £ 50 vouchers for the store have been passed on individually by the manager’s wife to those in the workshop at the time.

But it has been described as “amazing” by those close to Waitrose in Formby who thought it was celebrated well.

They were later picked up by management and distributed to all staff.

The gesture of social workers and the children’s writer was ignored by the advertising-private couple.

Jurgen Klopp and Ulla Sandrock pose for a photo at the Old Blind School bar in Hardman Street, Liverpool

One said, “It was an incredible thing to do.

“In general, Ulla did not want to fuss or receive any recognition, and just wanted people working in stores to get the recognition they deserve. “

A store spokesperson told ECHO, “Our Formby team is incredibly grateful for the support and understanding shown by everyone who has visited our store, but we would always respect the privacy of our customers. “

Klopp and his wife, in their early 50s, live in the upscale little town of Sefton and have strong community ties in the area.

The unexpected kindness came just days before another similar incident, which happened at Tesco supermarket, also in Formby.

With suggestions, he was also linked to someone from Liverpool FC, a young mother who went out for Sunday shopping, received a £ 50 voucher to spend when she entered.

Ulla Sandrock, wife of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, stands on a trash can to cheer on her husband during the Reds’ open-top bus parade through the city after beating Tottenham Hotspur for the European Cup

It was given to her by Tesco staff and she received another £ 50 voucher when she left.

The employees told him, “It was given to the Formby store by a local person, but they wanted to remain anonymous. “

The 26-year-old woman is a nursing home worker, who had to leave work very recently because her father has to be in 12-week isolation, which means that her parents can no longer take care of her two-year-old daughter. years.

She told ECHO: “It will be a huge help with food.

“I don’t get paid while on vacation because I have a zero hour contract, so it’s really a lifesaver.

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“When things got tough it gave me a real boost.

“This is Formby’s speech that it came from someone from Liverpool FC, so I would just like to say a big thank you. “


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