The White House orders Puritan to manufacture swabs under the Defense Production Act


Two people familiar with the decision told CNN that the company is Puritan Medical Products, which is based in Maine. He is known for making “flocked swabs,” which he says are more effective than others at collecting samples.

Trump said the administration had encountered “difficulties” with the business, but did not give further details. Puritan did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

“We had a little trouble with one of them, so we will call – as we have done in the past, as you know – we will call the Defense Production Act and we will get swabs very easily” said Trump. .

Last week, the FDA released a new, alternative swab that it has approved that could potentially allow people to take their own samples for home coronavirus diagnostic tests. A company manufacturing these swabs, U.S. Cotton, says it is not ready yet.

In collaboration with the FDA, U.S. Cotton has designed a shorter swab than the one commonly used by healthcare workers. The new cotton swab is shorter and can take a sample from the front of the nose, instead of the others which are long and must be directed deep into the nose, which can be painful.

John Cotton, president of US Cotton, said Friday that he was not yet ready to ship the new swabs, but he hopes to start doing so in “a few weeks”. Once done, the company aims to ship 3 million a week until the swabs are no longer needed, according to Nims.

U.S. Cotton is a subsidiary of Parkdale-Mills. Parkdale-Mills worked with the administration on the production of masks, and when officials learned that they also owned US Cotton, they inquired about the production of swabs. The administration did not use the Defense Production Act to have pads produced by U.S. Cotton.


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