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The Weeknd was not happy the first time he heard Usher’s “Climax”


The Weeknd admitted that he “got angry” the first time he heard Usher’s “Climax” in 2012 because he thought it sounded like “a Weeknd song.”

The Weeknd is well aware of the impact it had on pop music and R&B with its first mixtape, House of balloonsBut he wasn’t always happy with it. The singer dropped his long-awaited album, After hours, just under three weeks ago, marking her fourth studio album and her first in four years since 2016 Starboy. Although his sound has evolved a lot since he spread to the stage in 2011 with House of balloons, The initial debut of The Weeknd was unlike anything we heard at the time.

The Weeknd Usher Climax his angry reaction House Of Balloons

House of balloons I literally changed the sound of pop music before my eyes, “he told Variety in his cover article for the latest issue of the publication. However, despite the fact that his sound had an impact on the music scene, he did not always appreciate that other artists seemed to imitate him.

“I heard” Climax “, that Usher song, and I thought,” Holy f * ck, it’s a Weeknd song, “” he recalls. Although “it was very flattering” that, according to The Weeknd, apparently inspired by his own sound, he “also got angry”. However, he acknowledged that it also meant “I was doing something good” and “the older I got, the more I realized it was good.” Do you think “Climax” sounds like a Weeknd song?


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