The state spends $ 72 million on additional hospital beds, staff around Ga.


Governor Brian Kemp and the state’s coronavirus task force said Saturday that four new mobile medical units and expansions at two hospitals will add nearly 300 hospital beds to Georgia’s inventory as the State is preparing for peak demand for COVID-19.

Kemp said in a press release that 20-bed mobile medical units will be deployed in Albany and Rome, and that a 24-bed unit will be located in Atlanta. A second 24-bed unit is on standby.

The mobile facilities will be deployed in mid-April. Kemp previously announced the purchase of the mobile units.

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The state also announced the planned addition of 208 hospital beds in Albany and Snellville. The state has worked with the Phoebe Putney health system to reopen the Phoebe North campus in Albany, where the statement said the system will open 12 new intensive care beds in a week and 15 general hospital beds by the half April. Another 15 intensive care beds will follow in mid-April and 59 general beds will go online in May.

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The reopened HCA Eastside Medical Center in Snellville will have 24 intensive care beds and 36 general beds will be open as of a week, 30 intensive care beds and 17 additional general beds to be added by the end of April.

Kemp said the state has committed $ 72 million for additional beds, including $ 12 million for additional staff at the Phoebe Putney main hospital in Albany.


“These projects have been going on for several weeks based on modeling and epidemiological recommendations, and we are following the tracks of several other proposals to expand healthcare capacity as we prepare for the surge in patients more later this month, “Kemp said in the statement. ”

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