The speaker of the iPhone 12 with an alleged leak is integrated into the frame to obtain a thinner notch


Twitter Twitter Jon Prosser has sharing a pair of images that appear to be diagrams of the unpublished Apple iPhone 12, showing a smaller notch than that currently found on iPhones with Face ID.

The first image looks like a photo of a CAD illustration, which is sometimes leaked by Apple’s procurement partners. The second image seems to be based on the first diagram and highlights the details of the material housed in the notch.

To get a more compact package, the redesigned hardware layout has ambient light and the proximity sensors of the TrueDepth camera in a more central position in the bay, with the iPhone speaker sitting above them in the telescope of the combined rather than between them.

Unlike Apple’s marketing images of the hardware in the notch, the microphone is not shown in any of the images. Prosser says it was not tagged to showcase the other hardware and that it is actually housed next to the speaker.

Earlier this month, another weaker split image would represent the ‌iPhone 12‌ with a notch about 1/3 smaller than the current notch, but the images did not reveal the details of the hardware configuration inside .

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was the first to suggest that at least one new 2020iPhone 2020 in 2020 would have a smaller front camera lens for an improved screen-to-bezel ratio, which would ultimately translate into a smaller notch at the front. More recently, sources close to well connected Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman corroborated rumors of a thinner notch.
We have heard rumors that Apple may be considering launching an ‌iPhone‌ design that completely eliminates the notch, but it’s not entirely clear how it would work, as the front camera still needs to be able to work even with certain sensors under the screen.

Last year, supplier Apple AMS announced new camera sensor technology that allows RBG light and IR proximity sensor used for the front-facing TrueDepth camera system to be integrated under an OLED screen . It was thought that Apple could potentially introduce new sensor technology into its 2020 iPhones to reach the smaller notch, but that is not what the alleged leak patterns suggest today.

In June, an analyst at investment company Credit Suisse in Asia said that Apple plans to offer notch-free iPhones with full-screen fingerprint authentication in 2021. However, the same analyst said that Apple would launch a chiPhone‌ without a notch this year, and the Rumor Mill has not turned in that direction and it is unlikely to be so at this advanced stage of the annual cycle. Anyway, Apple removing the notch on the iPhone is almost certainly its end goal.
Apple is expected to offer four iPhones of three different sizes this year: a 5.4-inch 5.4iPhone‌‌, a 6.7-inch ‌‌iPhone‌‌ and two 6.1-inch iPhones. One 6.1-inch model and the 6.7-inch model will be high-end iPhones, while the other 6.1-inch 6.1iPhone‌‌ and 5.4-inch iPhone will be low-end models and successors of the ‌iPhone 11‌. Apple is expected to launch the new models in the fall.


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