The six major changes coming to Tesco supermarkets this week


Purchases changed during the coronavirus lockdown and the next time you shop at Tesco will be different again.

The supermarket giant has now made even more changes to its stores to protect staff and customers during the Covid-19 epidemic.

CEO Dave Lewis confirmed the changes in an email sent to his customers, according to the Liverpool Echo.

In the email, the CEO described the current situation in the country as “unthinkable” and the current period “difficult for everyone”.

Stock restrictions, one-way aisles, protective screens and new delivery times are all covered by the changes.

Lewis also confirmed that Tesco employees will see their staff discount increase to 15% in the next four weeks, as well as a 10% bonus for store, distribution and shopping center staff ‘calls.

the six key changes in Tesco stores starting today

Restrictions removed

Tesco has announced that, as inventory levels begin to return to normal, it is removing purchase limits for the majority of its products.

As of today, the limits will remain only on essential items such as toilet paper rolls, pasta and hand sanitizers.

One way aisles

As part of its ongoing measures, Tesco is introducing one-way aisles and a “one-to-one, one-outdoors” system in all of its stores.

CEO Dave Lewis said, “In addition to the measures we shared with you previously, we are introducing one-way aisles and a” one-in-one-out “system in stores.

“We have maintained longer hours to minimize potential queues. Ask your local store team for quiet hours. “

Calm times

Tesco advises customers to ask their local stores for the quietest hours to visit to avoid queues.

These hours will differ from store to store, but will tend to be around one hour before closing.

Find the number of coronavirus cases near you

Protective screens

You can see that Tesco has also modified its checkouts in your local store, because the retailer has now installed protective screens on the front and rear of each checkout at the checkout, so that all the checkouts can be opened at place of all the others.

Tesco hopes this will keep customers from queuing longer than they absolutely must during this crisis.

Increase in contactless payments

The limit for contactless payments will start to drop from £ 30 to £ 45 per shop. Tesco begins to gradually update its cash registers.

You can also use the free Tesco Pay + app from Tesco Bank. The app has built-in bank security and allows you to pay up to £ 250 of purchases with a single contactless scan directly from your phone.

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New delivery niches – and more along the way

In the past week, Tesco has received an initial list of 110,000 clinically vulnerable and isolated people from the government.

From this list, Tesco has identified 75,000 existing customers who will now have home delivery slots created for them.

Tesco also says he is working on the list and that his teams will receive more data from the government, he will put even more slots available.


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