The Royal Albert Hall in London launches the Livestream series


The Royal Albert Hall in London has announced a new live series, Royal Albert Home. A different performance will be broadcast each evening from the houses of various artists while the venue is closed to the public. The first session, featuring Rufus Wainwright, takes place tomorrow (April 9). Baxter Dury, Peter Gregson and Toby Thompson are among the other artists competing for the Royal Albert Home. Learn more on the Royal Albert Hall website.

In a press release, Rufus Wainwright said:

When the blow comes, the Royal Albert Hall is my favorite place
the UK. It’s the perfect mix, both formal and fun. It’s big
and intimate at the same time. This is also where my mother Kate
McGarrigle gave his last concert in 2009. I am proud to be one of the
first artists to give a concert at the Royal Albert Home in my home
Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles.

I’ll try to be your “Gay Messiah” in these difficult times, serve
you some “cigarettes and chocolate milk” give you
“Peaceful afternoon”, maybe pray a little “Agnus Dei”, stand
virtually “In My Arms”, takes you to “Sanssouci” in your mind, shows you
some “Pretty Things”, and make your “Only Time” uplifting, funny,
hilarious, beautiful and bearable. In short, I will guide you
my repertoire and my life, and preview some of my new material from my
album to come, Unsubscribe from
which we are now releasing on July 10.

The Royal Albert Hall closed on March 17 due to COVID-19. It’s the first time since World War II that the site has been closed. The Royal Albert Hall hopes to reopen on May 18.


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