The removal of N95 masks in the United States and the refusal of Canadians to cruise arouse social media outrage


With the new coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, some countries have chosen to become more islanders, while others have continued to try to maintain strong partnerships.

Canadians on social media took the time on Saturday to remind the United States what kind of country Canada has always been when their neighbors need it, with many tweets starting with “Dear America.”

The tweets come as US President Donald Trump lobbied the manufacturer of 3M N95 respirators to stop exporting the masks to Canada.

Warning: Some of the following tweets contain explicit language.

Others have expressed outrage and frustration that the Trump administration may be selfishly endangering people and appear to be turning their backs on the allies.

Although some have stressed that it may be time for the relationship to change course, because generosity and willingness to help did not seem to be mutual.

N95 masks are critical to the safety of front-line health workers with COVID-19, and 3M has said that stopping exports will actually be detrimental to both countries.

“There are … important humanitarian implications of stopping supplies of respirators for healthcare workers in Canada and Latin America, where we are a key supplier of respirators. In addition, stopping all exports of US-made respirators would likely cause other countries to respond and do the same, as some have already done, “the company said in a statement this week.

“If that were to happen, the net number of respirators available to the United States would actually decrease. It is the opposite of what we and the administration, on behalf of the American people, are both looking for. “

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau objected to the United States keeping the N95 masks for himself, and said Friday that he was in contact with US officials to highlight “the level of integration between our economies “

“We receive essential supplies from the United States, but the United States also receives essential supplies and products and, in fact, health care professionals from Canada every day … These are things that Americans rely on.”

At his daily press conference on Saturday, Trudeau added that Canada was not trying to be “punitive” or “retaliatory”.

“We know that it is in our common interest to work together and in cooperation to ensure the safety of our citizens and that is very well the content of our conversations and I am convinced that we will get there.”

Premier Doug Ford has expressed disappointment with the White House move and said the province will not count on any other country to move forward.

“When you sit down and think of your allies, and the wars we went through, and we stood shoulder to shoulder fighting the same enemies, and now we have an enemy and we are at war and they want you stop things with their closest ally in the world? It is unacceptable, “he said on Saturday.

“Just imagine if Canada had an article and we suddenly cut off the United States, that they were in desperate need? I can tell you that Canadians would not do that. “

You find out who your friends are when the cards are down, the Prime Minister added.

“And I think it has been very clear in the last few days who our friends are. “

Earlier in the week, Canadians were similarly shocked when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he would accept 49 people from his state who were passengers on a cruise ship that flew overhead. its coasts for weeks, leaving other Americans and hundreds of Canadians still on board.

Many have described the reverse situation as “Come From Away,” referring to the successful musical game by Gander, Nfld. during Operation Yellow Ribbon, when hundreds of flights were diverted to Canada after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Gander, a city of less than 10,000 people at the time, received almost 7,000 stranded passengers .

Some believed that the selfish actions of the state would turn into a spiritual sequel to the musical.

Many Americans also intervened, noting that they were embarrassed and ashamed of their country’s actions.

The Trump administration also wanted to station American troops at the Canada-US border to deter people who try to cross the border illegally who may be carrying the virus. Canada and the United States have already agreed to return asylum seekers from one country to another, at official or unofficial ports of entry.

The proposal was greeted with great hindsight by Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, who called it “unnecessary.” The idea was abandoned after Canada “vigorously opposed the idea,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Prime Minister also said saturday that he ask his ministers to investigate reports that medical equipment destined for Canada is stuck in the United States.

“I have heard reports on this issue and, of course, they are of concern, we need to make sure that the equipment destined for Canada arrives and stays in Canada.”

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