The Prisons Office just bought a ton of hydroxychloroquine, Trump’s wonder drug COVID-19


A debate may rage in the White House on the effectiveness of an antimalarial drug to treat the new coronavirus, but the Trump administration is not waiting for a resolution. Two federal agencies have already placed purchase orders for the drug.

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Justice Prison Office have both reported purchases of hydroxychloroquine since March 26, according to federal supply records.

The Department of Veterans Affairs purchased $ 40,000 in hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets from the pharmaceutical company McKesson and $ 168,000 from the Colorado generic drug distributor Golden State Medical Supply. The two supply files list them as “emergency” purchase orders to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

The Prison Office order form does not mention the coronavirus. But the purchase of $ 60,000 in hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets from Premium Rx National came on March 31 – amid an escalating epidemic in federal correctional facilities that the office oversees and a few days before President Trump announced that he was storing millions of pills of the drug. It appears to be the first time that BOP has purchased the drug.

Neither the VA nor the BOP responded to requests for additional information on purchases, and how, or if, they would be used in the short term to treat patients with coronavirus.


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