“The Office” Stars Remember Cold Opening When Rainn Wilson Dwight


In case you don’t know, Rainn Wilson has taken on the role of Dwight K. Schrute very seriously.

On the last episode of the , former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey discussed season 2, episode 17 of the show, “Dwight’s Speech”. In addition to revealing that Wilson was so sick during the filming that they had to postpone the filming of his great speech scene, they shared that he went a little as well hard in the open cold and accidentally pushed Kinsey and Leslie David Baker (Stanley Hudson) to the ground.

The episode is huge for Dwight because he has to deliver a speech after winning the Dunder Mifflin Vendor of the Year award, but he also has a remarkable cold moment. The Scranton employees are seen throwing a soccer ball into the office and Dwight pushes the friendly game too far. He tackled Ryan to the ground, pushed Creed and rolls into Stanley. If you look closely, you will notice that Leslie David Baker was do not prepare.

“I will never forget this cold opening. Do you want to know why? Kinsey asked Fischer. “Okay, so Jim steals the ball, he throws it to Phyllis, Phyllis throws it to Creed, and Dwight only runs the same way as Rainn Wilson would. “

“Rainn is going deep, guys. If the script says “tackle” [or] “Jostling” Dwight is like everyone else. So he approaches Ryan on the ground, he pushes the devil out of Creed, then he runs to Leslie David Baker, who does the accounting, “she explained. What you can’t see is a little blonde standing behind him. “

“Oh no,” said Fischer.

Ryan down.
Ryan down.

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“Rainn runs to Leslie and like Heismans basically – really gives him the stiff arm push. Leslie didn’t expect it. It wasn’t really in the script that he was going to push Leslie, “said Kinsey. She noted that although the group worked with a stunt coordinator before filming the scene, Wilson’s shot was much more difficult than those in rehearsal.

“Let me tell you something, Leslie wasn’t ready for this push. Rainn came towards him at full speed and pushed him. Leslie is gone. He completely lost his balance. He went almost out of breath, but there was someone directly behind him: A little blonde person, “Kinsey continued. “As Leslie lost his balance, he started to back off and I was below. “

Creed down.
Creed down.

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“It’s crazy because I remember we practiced it forever,” recalls Fischer, and Kinsey reiterated that the take you see in the episode didn’t go as planned.

“Leslie didn’t think he was going to fall. He did not fall into any of the rehearsals [because] he wasn’t pushed so hard, “said Kinsey. And after the take everyone was like “Oh my god, Creed! Are you ok? ’BJ are you ok? And then they were like, oh my god, LESLIE! Because Leslie really struggled. They’re like ‘Leslie, are you okay?’ They pulled Leslie and Oscar said, “Oh my god … Angela? »»

Stanley takes the hit.
Stanley takes the hit.

Image: the desktop / nbc / netflix

* Ryan Cabrera

* “On The Way Down” by Ryan Cabrera playing in the background *

Image: the desktop / nbc / netflix

Now that Fischer and Kinsey have reviewed the scene, they’ve noticed that you can totally see Stanley losing his balance, and after Dwight hits him, Stanley disappears completely from the scene.

“I don’t know how it went, but I think [Leslie] was knocked over and got up and said, “No! “” Said Kinsey.

So there you are, everyone. As Fischer said, “The draw was all planned, but Angela being crushed was not planned. “

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