The nurse shows how quickly germs can spread when you visit the grocery store


SAGINAW, Michigan – A Michigan nurse recorded a video to show how quickly germs can spread during a simple trip to the grocery store – even if you’re wearing gloves.

In the video, Molly Lixey, a former emergency nurse in Saginaw, Michigan, picks up a simple item, such as toilet paper, from the store.

Using paint, she then shows how germs are already on her gloves by touching something.

Lixey then says that if you receive a call or an SMS, these germs are now on your phone. Then, if you have itchy nose, then you have spread these germs on your face.

Also, if you then touch other items in the store, these germs have spread to other places in the store.

She says you should throw the gloves in the trash before getting in your car.

Finally, it then shows that if you receive another call on the way home, it’s easy to spread the germs that were on your phone.

“Look, this is called cross contamination. You don’t need to wear gloves if you don’t wash your hands every time you touch something, ”said Lixey.

The nurse said that all this fear makes everyone “crazy” and “doesn’t act very smart”.

“Don’t touch your face. Don’t touch your dirty phone, ”advises Lixey.

At the end of the video, Lixey’s face is covered in paint to show how the germs spread, even though she was wearing gloves during her trip to the store.


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