The number of people who died from coronavirus in the UK stands at 16,060


A total of 16,060 patients died in hospital after being tested positive for the coronavirus in the UK at 5 p.m. Saturday, the Department of Health said, up 596 from 15,464 the previous day.

482 more people died in England from the new coronavirus, bringing the total to 14,400.

Wales Public Health has announced 41 more deaths from people who test positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths in Wales to 575.

There have been a total of 7,270 confirmed cases in Wales, an increase of 334, while 25,170 tests were performed on 21,717 people, officials said.

A total of 903 people who tested positive for coronavirus in Scotland died, an increase of 10 from Saturday’s figure, according to the Scottish government.

Across the country, 39,612 people have tested for Covid-19, of which 8,187 have tested positive.

On Saturday evening, 1,797 patients were hospitalized for a confirmed or suspected coronavirus, an increase of four.

Of these, 174 were treated in intensive care units, down eight from the previous count.

A person in Northern Ireland died in a hospital with a coronavirus in the past day, the public health agency said.

This brings the total number of confirmed hospital deaths in the region to 194.

It comes as a study of Covid-19-related deaths in nursing homes predicts that thousands more are dead than official figures show.

The National Care Forum (NCF), which represents not-for-profit healthcare providers, has estimated that more than 4,000 people may have died after contracting Covid-19 in all homes and care homes before April 13.

This figure is significantly higher than the official weekly figures released by the National Statistics Office (ONS), which recorded 217 deaths in nursing homes linked to the virus until April 3.

NCF has collected data from 47 care homes that support more than 30,000 people across the UK, which represents 7.4% of the healthcare population.

He found 299 confirmed or suspected deaths from Covid-19 in these specific homes in a week between April 7 and April 13, which was almost three times the number of deaths in the previous month when they found 102 deaths between March 6 and April 7.

When extended to reflect the UK nursing home population, NCF estimated that 4,040 people may have died from coronavirus-related illness before April 13.

Vic Rayner, Executive Director of NCF, said: “Quite simply, as long as groups such as residents of care services are omitted from real-time national reports on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the government will not be surely unable to plan how to protect its people or get out of this crisis. “

She added: “Our current national debate on how to alleviate and get out of this crisis is almost entirely focused on managing peak in hospitals.

“We don’t know how this crisis is unfolding in other contexts, which are there to protect those who are most vulnerable to the impact of the virus.”

She called on the government to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to care homes, as well as monitoring devices, tests, funding and research.

A separate analysis from Care England, which represents independent healthcare companies, said that 7,500 people could have died after contracting coronavirus in nursing homes. The industry has compared death rates since April 1 with rates from previous years.

Meanwhile, a healthcare leader said that until the test is done, it would be difficult to know how many people died with Covid-19 in the healthcare system.

Asked on Sky News Show Sophy Ridge on Sunday if the official figures reflect reality, Nadra Ahmed, president of the National Care Association, said, “Until the test is over, we don’t know.

“There are expected deaths that will occur in the services but without testing … it is very difficult to say where we are with the number of deaths. “

She described nursing homes as a “home” where many residents and their families will be worried about the news.

“We have to be responsible for how we reflect that, of course there will be deaths … but the numbers that we will not be able to confirm until the data is analyzed,” she added.

On April 15, Public Health England reported that there were 3,084 nursing homes with Covid-19 outbreaks in England.

Last week, Secretary of Health Matt Hancock said that all residents of nursing homes and staff with symptoms of Covid-19 would be tested for the disease.

He also promised that data on deceased residents of the virus would be available “very soon”.


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