The number of deaths in a coronavirus hospital in the UK reaches 15,464


A total of 15,464 people died in hospital after being tested positive for coronavirus in the UK.

The latest figures from the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs show that an additional 888 people died at 5 p.m. Friday compared to the previous day.

So far, 357,023 people have been tested for Covid-19, including 114,217 people who have tested positive.

Figures do not include the number of infections in nursing homes, which, according to number 10, amounted to 2,987 on Tuesday.

The new figures come as a leaked email revealed that some hospitals treating patients will run out of protective gowns this weekend.

Matt Hancock, the secretary of health, admitted that he cannot guarantee that hospitals will have enough PPE to pass over the next few days – after the problem was raised by military logistics officers helping to coordinate the country’s response to the pandemic.

In a major change, doctors and nurses were asked to treat patients without full-length waterproof coats if necessary, and even to use plastic aprons as an alternative.

But Sarah Gorton, health official at the Unison union, said medical staff would have the right to refuse to work without the proper PPE.

She said, “Health officials have to be really honest with their staff. If the dresses run out, staff in high-risk areas may well decide that it is no longer safe to work. “


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