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The number of people who died from coronavirus infection in France rose from 544 to 21,340 on Wednesday, the fourth highest number in the world, but a few hundred behind Spain, with a death toll of 21,717. The toll rose 2.6% Wednesday, as on Tuesday, and remained well below the 4-5% rates recorded a week ago. In Spain, the increase in the number of deaths was close to 2% for four days. “The virus continues to circulate at high speed. We must remain cautious and strictly adhere to the rules of social distancing, “said Health Ministry director Jerome Salomon during a daily briefing. The number of people in French hospitals with COVID-19 decreased by 365 or 1.2% to 29,741, the eighth consecutive decrease and more than 2,300 patients less than the peak of 32,113 set on April 13, according to data from the Ministry of Health. The number of patients in intensive care units – the most important measure of a health care system’s ability to cope with the epidemic – decreased by 215 or 4% to 5,218, the 14th consecutive decline . There are now almost 2,000 fewer people in intensive care units compared to the April 7,148 peak. The ministry reported 1,827 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 119,151, an increase of 1.6%, slightly slower than the 2.3%. percent seen Tuesday and 1.8 percent Monday. He also reported a total of 62,222 cases in nursing homes, of which 25,513 were confirmed and 36,709 were possible cases. In total, France has 155,860 confirmed or possible cases of coronavirus infection, compared to more than 208,389 reported in Spain. The latest update followed reports that young people clashed with the police overnight in the Paris suburbs overnight. The Le Point website and Agence France Presse have reported the latest flare-up, as strict lock-in rules to fight the coronavirus exacerbate social tensions. Clashes have taken place in regions such as Villeneuve-La-Garenne, Nanterre and Clichy. Australian Associated Press


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