The number of deaths from coronaviruses in France stands at 13,832


PARIS – Death toll in France from new coronavirus outbreak rose to nearly 14,000 on Saturday, but number of intensive care patients fell for the third day in a row, raising hopes that a blockage nationwide slows the spread of the disease.

The number of people in intensive care units fell to 6,883 from 7,004 the previous day, down almost 2%, while the number of people hospitalized practically stabilized at 31,320, up only 53 or 0, 2%, according to ministry data.

The total death toll rose 635 or 5% to 13,832 – with 8,943 dead in hospital and 4,889 in nursing homes – but it was less than Friday, when the total death toll increased 987 as deaths in nursing homes soared.

“We are facing a massive and deadly epidemic, which has reached an unprecedented level,” said director of the ministry of health Jerome Salomon during a daily briefing.

He added that new cases are constantly arriving in hospitals and that the French must remain vigilant.

The ministry said the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in France increased from 3,114 to 93,790, an increase of 3.4%, which was slower than the 5% seen in the previous four days.

The number of nursing home cases increased by 1,671 or 5% to 35,864. For the first time, the ministry provided a breakdown of these figures, indicating that 11,175 of the nursing home cases were confirmed cases already included in the count of confirmed cases. He added that 24,689 other cases were possible.

France does not test all suspected COVID-19 patients in nursing homes. Once two or three cases are confirmed by tests in a home, other residents with symptoms of the disease are counted as possible or probable cases.

Adding the possible cases in nursing homes to confirmed cases, France had 118,479 confirmed or possible cases of coronavirus on Saturday. (Report by Jean-Philippe Lefief and Maya Nikolaeva; Additional report by Geert De Clercq; Edition by Hugh Lawson and Daniel Wallis)


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