The number of deaths due to a coronavirus in France exceeds 24,000, the number of cases modified | New



PARIS (Reuters) - Le nombre de personnes décédées des coronavirus en France a augmenté de 427 à 24 087 mercredi, le taux d'augmentation s'accélérant légèrement après avoir ralenti mardi, a indiqué le ministère de la Santé dans un communiqué.

According to the ministry, the number of confirmed cases now stands at 128,442, or 1,607 in 24 hours. The figure stood at 129,859 on Tuesday, but was changed a day after Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said France would only end its coronavirus lockdown if the number of new cases fell below 3,000 per day.

“This is a statistical readjustment linked to a change in the sampling,” said a spokesman for the ministry.

The death toll increased by 1.8% over 24 hours, against 1.6% Tuesday and 1.9% Monday. Of the 24,087 total, 15,053 deaths occurred in hospitals, an increase of 1.6% and 9,034 in nursing homes, an increase of 2%.

While Britain added the number of deaths in retirement homes to the hospital count to make a total of 26,097 deaths, it became the third most affected country in the world behind the United States and Italy. and before Spain and France.

The number of people in French hospitals infected with COVID-19 fell to 26,834 from 27,484 on Tuesday, registering a decrease of 2.4%, its strongest since a downward trend started 15 years ago days.

The number of people in intensive care declined 4.1% to 4,207, almost half of the 7,148 on April 8, and down for the 21st consecutive day.

(Report by Benoit Van Overstraeten; Edited by Hugh Lawson, Kirsten Donovan)



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