The number of coronavirus deaths in the UK has increased from 569 to 2,921, the largest daily increase to date


The number of coronavirus deaths in Britain rose to 2,921 after the death of an additional 569 patients in just 24 hours – the largest day-to-day increase since the start of the epidemic.

The previous total was 2,352 after an increase of 563.

The health ministry said, “At 9:00 am on April 2, 2020, 163,194 people were tested, of which 33,718 were confirmed positive.

“From 5 p.m. on April 1, 2020, of those hospitalized in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 2,921 died. “

This comes amid growing anger over the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing of NHS personnel who work long, grueling hours on the front line of the Covid-19 combat.

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A person is buffered at a driving coronavirus test site in London

A total of 126 patients died in Scotland after being tested positive for the coronavirus, the Scottish government confirmed, up 50 from 76 on Wednesday.

Official statistics have shown that 2,602 people tested positive for the virus, up from 292 the day before.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in a briefing at St Andrew’s House in Edinburgh that 162 people were in intensive care with Covid-19.

A total of 18,128 coronavirus tests have been performed in Scotland.

A police officer talks to a man and woman in Greenwich Park in South London amidst the coronavirus lock

The Prime Minister described the coronavirus as a “cruel virus” because people are not allowed to spend time with their loved ones in the hospital.

She said 40 deaths have gone unreported due to “family bonding” issues, but it would not be correct to say that they have occurred in the past 24 hours.

A new notification system would be introduced, which means that the daily number of confirmed deaths will not only depend on boards of health, but will also include data from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) death registration process.

Starting next week, the NRS will also start reporting deaths where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate.

The Prime Minister has said that the Scottish government is trying to be as “transparent as possible”.

Medical staff from Covid-19 at Neath Port Talbot Hospital in Wales

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is still showing symptoms of coronavirus, Downing Street confirmed.

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson said, “The PM continues to have mild symptoms, but it still does.”

Asked if Mr. Johnson would leave self-isolation on Friday, the spokesperson said, “We follow the guidelines of Public Health England and the chief medical officer which state that you must isolate yourself for seven days, so no change there -in. ”

The British will participate in another “helping hands for our caregivers” on Thursday evening to pay tribute to key workers, including the NHS, emergency services and food distribution staff.

Downing Street said 2,800 NHS workers have now been tested for coronavirus in car test facilities.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said that in addition, a “significant number” had been tested in NHS and Public Health England laboratories.

The spokesperson said that Secretary of Health Matt Hancock will present plans for a significant increase in the testing program.

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Coronavirus epidemic

Government continues to face calls to ensure front-line workers have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) and health services have enough ventilators as UK approaches worst of his epidemic.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said the NHS had enough ventilators to meet the demand it is currently facing due to the increasing number of patients with coronavirus.

“We continue to have the capacity to meet the growing demands of the NHS. We have the capacity both in terms of ventilators and intensive care, ”he said.

Sturgeon said “significant” steps have been taken to get PPE to health workers in Scotland.

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) will also issue new guidelines on how PPE is distributed, she added.

Sturgeon was also clear about what the tests “can and cannot do.”

Current tests, she said, could identify cases of Covid-19, but would be unable to detect the virus during the incubation period or if someone had already had the virus.

The Scottish and British governments are currently working on a more extensive antibody test.

The family of a nurse who died after caring for a coronavirus patient said the government had questions to answer about the lack of PPE and testing of NHS staff.

Thomas Harvey, father of seven, died “gasping for air” on Sunday at Hackney’s family home in east London after collapsing in the bathroom.

NHS worker Thomas Harvey died after collapse at London home

Her son, also named Thomas, described having to drill a hole in the door when he and other family members were desperately trying to reach the 57-year-old man, who had spent 20 years as a hospital nurse Goodmayes in Ilford.

He said efforts to provide protective equipment for health workers and to deploy the Covid-19 tests were far too slow.

Mr. Harvey, 24, said, “Why did it take so long? Why did we have to lose my father and similar situations for you (the government) to act?

“It is frustrating to think that a situation like this could have been avoided with the proper care of the government. “

He said that the grandfather of three had only received “gloves and a fragile apron” to protect himself from infection and had isolated himself at home after having started showing symptoms of the virus a few years ago. weeks.

Although paramedics were called when his health worsened about a week before he died, he was not admitted to hospital or tested for the virus, a decision that surprised the family.


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