The number of coronavirus deaths in Los Angeles County exceeds 240, the number of cases being more than 8,400


The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Los Angeles County rose to 8,430 on Friday, as health officials extended the local home stay order next month to help stop the spread of the disease.

The death toll in the county increased from 18 to 241. Of the new victims, 10 were over the age of 65, seven were 41 to 65 and one was 18 to 40, according to the director of public health. from Los Angeles County, Barbara Ferrer.

Across the county, the death rate associated with COVID-19 is now 2.9%, she said.

Los Angeles County health officials have warned that the region must significantly increase social distance to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and said restrictions on housekeeping may remain over the summer. Even with the dramatic social distancing the county is currently experiencing, officials predict that up to 30% of residents could be infected by mid-summer without further behavioral changes, such as reduced purchases.

The county home stay order will now be in effect until May 15 at least.

Ferrer said the decision to extend the order was not made “because everything that everyone else has done doesn’t work … it’s because it works. We know it works, but we still have a long way to go. “

“I’m as sad as you are that this is not the time to get up, but I also have a lot of hope … because everyone here is doing their part, because people follow the guidelines, we have in fact considering what we can now confirm is actually flattening the curve in a way that actually saves lives, ”she said.

Based on the latest projections, officials believe the health system will be “able to handle” the expected increase in the number of patients “if we maintain the current physical distance guidelines,” said Dr. Christina Ghaly, county health department director.

“Over the next month, we anticipate that we will be able – within the current hospital supply, without further increase – to accommodate all patients who require care for COVID-19,” said she said.

Projections indicate that the county may need 400 to 500 more intensive care beds, she added, but this potential gap “may well be corrected in the days or weeks to come, and many efforts are already underway.” going to do it. “

“I know it’s difficult, I know it comes at a personal and economic cost,” she said of the health orders. “But it is beneficial in terms of saving lives and ensuring that the hospital system can care for those who need it.” “

While it is unclear how long the stay and other such restrictions need to be in place, state officials have also said they have a positive impact.

On Friday, California Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Mark Ghaly presented a graph showing that the statewide hospitalization count – most recently set at 2,897 – is currently in the bottom of the state models scale.

Governor Gavin Newsom said this again underscores the importance of residents doing their utmost to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

“Not only is the past not equal to the future, but we must also recognize that we are not only ready for the race in terms of the experience of the future,” he said. “The future is happening within us. It is the decisions, not the conditions, that will determine the fate and future of this modeling. “

California has taken a new step in the battle for coronaviruses as the number of confirmed cases has climbed beyond 20,000 and the state has prepared for a weekend of unprecedented restrictions, including efforts to keep people at home during Easter.

Radical rules restricting the movement of people have already been imposed across the state, but authorities have added new restrictions with the desperate aim of slowing the spread of the virus.

“Being safe means being safe at home for the next few weeks,” said Ferrer on Thursday. “Anything we can do to avoid having to be in contact with other people is a very good idea. “

As of Friday, a new order requires residents of Los Angeles to wear masks when shopping and making other essential trips. The order also requires that many essential workers wear masks.

Beverly Hills went a step further, ordering residents on Thursday to wear face covers every time they leave their homes, including walks in their neighborhoods.

Under the order, drivers traveling alone or with members of their household do not need to wear a face covering unless they lower the windows of their vehicle for any reason, including to interact with first responders, food service workers or others who are not members of their households.

Communities are also imposing new rules designed to prevent Easter gatherings where the virus could spread.

All public parks in L.A County will be closed on Easter Sunday. “I know your heart is breaking. … It’s such a great tradition for the many families we have, “said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “But we cannot afford to have a group of a few people, even together, spread this disease to more people and kill them. “

In Orange County, police said it would be in place to prevent car cruising, which is a tradition from Easter to Santa Ana.

Newport Beach announced on Thursday that, in the light of the crowds at one of its most popular surf spots, surfing at the Wedge will be banned between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. starting on Friday.

The adjacent beach will also be closed to discourage public gatherings at one of the city’s most visited surf spots.

San Bernardino County urged churches to hold virtual Easter services only.

“People cannot leave their homes to conduct parades or drive driving services or to pick up non-essential items such as prepackaged Easter eggs or bags filled with candy and toys at a crossing point,” the county said in a statement earlier this week. .

After announcing the initial ban, however, the county withdrew and said that drive-in religious services could continue, but worshipers must be separated.

Ventura County has banned all public and private gatherings of more than two people outside a single household or housing unit, although an updated public health order released on Thursday allows for some exceptions.

This is not to say that worshipers should not feel free to practice their faith, said Newsom, but “while you pray, keep your feet at least six feet away from someone else. “

“Practice your faith,” he said, “but do it in a way that allows you to stay healthy, keep others healthy, and do justice to the teaching of Christ, to God and others. “

This increased focus comes as federal health projections indicate that lifting restrictions such as home maintenance orders, social isolation and school closings too early could lead to a significant increase in coronavirus and deaths nationwide.

Los Angeles County health officials announced 25 more COVID-19 deaths on Thursday as the statewide death toll surpassed 500.

Nearly a quarter of those who died in Los Angeles County lived in nursing homes and other facilities, said Ferrer.

As hospitalizations in California reached 2,825 on Thursday, the number of patients on COVID-19 in critical care fell 1.9% to 1,132, Newsom said.

“A data point is not a trend; a data point is not a title, so I advise anyone to read too much about this data point, “said Newsom. “But, nevertheless, it is encouraging. This again reinforces the incredible work that you all do to practice physical distance. Staying at home works in the state of California. “

He reiterated this point on Friday when he reported that the number of intensive care patients across the state had increased to 1,145, an increase of 1.1%.

“When we are single digit, single digit low, it’s a great day,” he said. “But, again, for those in the ICU, our hearts have come to you. “

California has not seen the death toll from virus hotspots like New York State, where more than 7,000 people have died. Although the virus continues to spread quickly in some places, including Los Angeles County, there are signs that its growth rate may be slowing in parts of the bay area.

Newsom reiterated that the length of the home stay order depends on the Californians continue to follow him and wear appropriate face covers if they go outside.


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