The number of coronavirus deaths in Italy drops to 437, but new cases are climbing


New deaths from coronavirus in Italy have increased by 437 today, while the daily number of new infections has increased to 3370 from 2729 on Tuesday.

As the number of new cases and deaths increased, Italy recorded a decrease in the number of people currently infected with the disease for the third day in a row.

Italy recorded 534 deaths from the virus yesterday, the Civil Protection Agency said.

The total number of deaths since the epidemic was revealed in the country on February 21 now stands at 25,085, according to the agency, the second highest in the world after that of the United States.

97-year-old patient who is asymptomatic and Covid-19 positive for a fractured femur is being examined at Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania, Italy, today

A 97-year-old patient who is positive for Covid-19 and asymptomatic was operated on for a fractured femur.

The number of confirmed cases was 187,327, the third largest in the world behind those in the United States and Spain.

People registered as carriers of the disease fell to 107,699 from 107,709 on Tuesday, the third consecutive daily decline.

There were 2,384 people in intensive care on Wednesday versus 2,471 on Tuesday, now a long-term decline.

Among those initially infected, 54,543 were declared cured compared to 51,600 a day earlier.

Today, it also emerged that Italy – the hardest hit European country – could have thousands of additional unregistered virus deaths.

Medical staff during their shift in the intensive therapy area COVID-19 of the Cremona hospital in Cremona, Italy, today

Medical staff during their shift in the COVID-19 intensive therapy area of ​​Cremona hospital in Cremona, Italy, today

Excess mortality data from The New York Times and The Economist reveal that the true death toll in the Italian epicenter of the Lombardy region could be double the official figure.

Between March 1 and April 4, the region recorded a total of 12,802 more deaths than usual for the time of year.

Of these, 6,132 were attributed to the coronavirus – leaving another 6,670 additional deaths that remained unexplained.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced yesterday that the government would lift certain foreclosure measures on May 4.

He said Italian companies will start reopening early next month, but the government will not lift all of the measures currently in place.

The country has been subjected to some of the most stringent foreclosure measures among western democracies since the national quarantine was imposed by Conte on March 9, restricting everything except necessary movement.


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