The new start of Dr. Bonnie Henry’s haircut at a conference was so relevant


The pandemic has locked us all inside, and it seems that the provincial health worker in British Columbia is no exception. Dr. Bonnie Henry’s new haircut at home has turned heads after admitting that she cut it herself and apologized to her hairdresser at a press conference. But she doesn’t want you to follow in her footsteps and joked that this is the # 1 mistake you can make in the pandemic.

In the British Columbia Daily Update on Tuesday, April 7, Henry solemnly presented the latest news on the new cases, updates on the state of the pandemic in the province and words of encouragement for Continue.

Then, opening a small smile, she pulled up her new haircut.

“I apologize to Lindsay, my hairdresser, but I did some DIY with my own hair myself,” she said at the official provincial conference.

“They say the first thing not to do in a pandemic is your own hair, and I will say, believe it. “

Thousands of locals listen to its broadcasts every day and, as expected, Twitter immediately exploded at the mention of the news.

“Dr. Bonnie Henry combing her hair during the pandemic # COVID19 is endearing,” wrote one user.

After weeks of being locked inside, homemade haircuts have become the new trend. Either out of boredom or out of necessity, so many people have given themselves dubious bangs.

But with all hair salons closed, it’s hard to stay fresh on your own. If you desperately need a haircut, you can try doing it yourself – but don’t expect the freshest bleaching, if you know what I’m saying.

People have suddenly found themselves with a lot more free time these days, and strange hobbies have made a huge resurgence. Twitter has been inundated with photos of people making bread, for example, and bread tutorials are becoming the new craze.

Meanwhile, others are doing their best to do what they love, whether it’s spending time with friends on Zoom or organizing your entire orchestra to play beautiful music for the Internet.

All things considered, however, Henry’s new hair isn’t bad at all. I could see a bright future as a hairstylist after saving lives and leading thousands of people through a pandemic.


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