The Minister of Culture hands over a lifeline to the France 4 channel


The public channel France 4 of France Télévisions, a public television channel, could be saved from closure due to the growing popularity of its youth and educational content shown during the lockdown of Covid-19.

French Minister of Culture Franck Riester said France Inter radio that no final decision has been made on the channel’s future.

France 4, which is regularly used by the broadcaster to broadcast sports content, was to close on August 9, just after the end of the now postponed Tokyo Olympics, as part of a cost-cutting measure.

Sports events presented by France 4 include European Rugby Cup matches, FIS World Ski Championships and selected matches of the French Tennis Open. The final of the European Rugby Challenge Cup 2019 between the French teams from Clermont and La Rochelle drew an average audience of 1.07 million viewers on France 4, with a audience share of 4.7%.

The channel is the main outlet for France Télévisions’ educational and youth programs. It broadcast pre-recorded daily course programming during the lockout.

The France Ô channel of France Télévisions should also be closed on August 9 as part of the French government’s savings proposals. It presents content from the French overseas departments and communities in mainland France.


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