The Lighthouse: Director Robert Eggers Unveils Original NC-17 Pitch



Look, I love, love, love Robert EggersLighthouse. But my love for the black and white drama of 2019, the quirkiness and everything else, did not prepare me for the revelation that is the original and cowardly tone that Eggers had when he was trying to get the project started.

Eggers opened up on LighthouseThe original playground while chatting with Film Independent for their Coffee Talks Q&A series. In addition to other topics covered during the one hour chat, including his next project The Northman, Eggers spoke Lighthouse. As Eggers recalls (via Indiewire), he was in a “really lucky” position with A24 and New Regency after the surprise success of his feature film of 2015 The witch. With what amounted to a creative blank check to use for his next project, Eggers began to share the first pieces of Lighthouse. He explained that what he shared made A24 and New Regency “happy to be in business with me, and they liked the script and certainly thought it was weird but exciting.” But what about the original pitch accompanying the script, then its beginnings?

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“There wasn’t really a pitch, really. He was convincing to do it on a 35mm black and white negative, and there was also frontal male nudity, an erection, and they were kind of like, look, it can be black and white and weird and all that , but it cannot be classified NC-17. ”

Considering that there is neither frontal nudity nor erection in Lighthouse, it seems that these aspects of the story have received the ax. As Eggers says, he handled it well, saying to Film Independent, “I thought it was very fair. If you’re going to do “The Lighthouse”, you’re doing something that’s hard to describe. “I can’t dispute that, because what ended up on the screen is as confusing as it is intriguing. Having Lighthouse stars Robert Pattinson or Willem dafoe letting their private parts fly freely would probably have been a sensory overload, even if it would have been much appreciated by some viewers (read: me). But also, it might have been cool to allow only one erection in Lighthouse to soften the blow of all this murder.

You can watch the full Eggers chat with Film Independent below. To learn more, check out our overview of the best new movies to watch on Amazon Prime (Lighthouse makes the cut!).

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Posted by Film Independent on Friday April 17, 2020


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