The lifestyle of Syrian refugees in France not affected by the coronavirus


The lifestyle of Syrian refugees in France has not changed much after the spread of the coronavirus.

“The refugees respect the instructions and the decisions issued by the French authorities,” Talhar Mustafa, a refugee in the southwestern city of Limoges, told Asharq Al-Awsat.

“What is important is that we have access to the Internet and electricity and satellite 24 hours a day,” added Mustafa, saying that the real tragedy is when Syrian refugees contact their families at home. to find out that they are living in dire conditions.

Mustafa also spoke of his six-year detention in Syria during the reign of Hafez Al-Assad and how it caused mental and health complications for him.

“Compared to that (his detention), there is no pain here in France. Our only problem is the delay in our appointments with ophthalmologists who are not at all a real problem, ”he added.

Mohsen, another Syrian refugee in France, said life in Europe, especially in France, is exceptionally comfortable in terms of legal procedures and morality.

“Although some legal decisions take time, they are not tiring,” said Mohsen, adding that the morale of the refugees is boosted by cheap flights, camps and other means.

For Nasser, a Syrian refugee living near Paris, those who are truly affected by the spread of the virus are undocumented immigrants who work hourly and on the black market.

Razan, a Syrian mother who now lives as a refugee in Limoges, is still haunted by the sounds of explosions and helicopter raids.

“What annoys me the most are the memories of my house which was demolished in the Damascus countryside, and what I cannot forget are the” helicopters “and the sounds of the bombings”, a- she declared.

It should be noted that many French officials have previously stressed the need to guarantee adequate housing and services for all families in France.


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